5 Feb

Unlimited Valentine’s Day cards at Kards Unlimited!

Look at lil' Hickory!  So frickin' cute!

Look at lil' Hickory! So frickin' cute!

February 14th fast approaches, friends!  You need a great card and I am here to tell/show you that it is right here waiting for you to come and buy it.  Allow me to show you our (ridiculously perfect and adorable) wares!  Seriously, these cards (and the many many more we have) are utterly adorable and will guarantee you a Valentine's Day you won't forget!* Click READ MORE to see more fabulous cards!


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8 Jan

Bringing Back The Bubble Bath In 6 Easy Steps

I wanna talk about bubble baths. It's been a very long time since I took a bath, but I think this year is the year I bring back the bubble bath. January 8th is bubble bath day, so let's DO THIS THING.

Some people like to hate on the fact that you're sitting in 'dirty' water, but the point of a bubble bath isn't cleanliness. Jebus people, get it together. The point of a bubble bath is quiet time, relaxation, and introspection. Granted, you probably need to clean your tub/shower before you set out on a bubble bath adventure, but it will totally be worth it. If you need some bubble bath inspiration, let me be your bubble bath guide.

Step one: Clean your tub. Yes, this sucks. But this is the only part that sucks.

Step two: Plug the tub and start the hot water (but test it before it gets going to make sure you don't burn your junk off).

Step three: Pour in bubble bath while the tub is filling so it gets good and sudsy.

Tokyo Milk makes some awesome bubble bath

Tokyo Milk makes some awesome bubble bath

Step four: While you're waiting for the tub to fill up and the bubbles to um, bubble, grab a few candles and light them. Make sure you place them near you but not in such a way that they will a.) fall into the tub or b.) set your hair on fire.

I wanna burn them all! One at a time, though.

I wanna burn them all! One at a time, though.

Step five: Turn on some relaxing music and put your phone on silent. You don't need to use it with wet fingers OR drop it into the tub.

Step six: Sink into the bubbles and relax. Spend as much time as you like getting pruney, and maybe even read a little. Ooh, reading!

I would suggest a good mystery, like The Cuckoo's Calling, written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith

I would suggest a good mystery, like The Cuckoo's Calling, written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith

22 Oct

Get Trick or Treat ready at KU! Hats and Costumes 2013!

Halloween is coming up fast, so don't end up going out as a toilet paper mummy! We've got you covered with all sorts of fun Halloween costume sets and hats. We've put together a little sampling of some of our selection. Also we mostly just had fun playing dress up. For some of it maybe a little too much fun.

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18 Jun

Cool Stuff Tuesday! Chris Van Allsburg!

Good afternoon, fine friends!  Today is Chris Van Allsburg's birthday!  Van Allsburg's children's books are beloved for their fantastic and uncontrolled stories and for their charming illustrations, most of which are drawn from a child's height perspective.  We sell several of Van Allsburg's more than twenty books but we love the illustrations from all of them.  Here are a few to whet your appetite!

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11 Jun

Cool Stuff Tuesday! Father’s Day!

Remember that one time I showed you all those amazing things that we had for Mother's Day?  This is gonna be like that, only more Dadlier.  Which totally is a word.

One of the best things about Father's Day is that dads appreciate a nice, wide range of gifts.  Anything goes for Father's Day!  Anything like all of this!

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4 Jun

Cool Stuff Tuesday! National Iced Tea Month!

Hello all my favorite people!  It's Cool Stuff Tuesday again and since June is National Iced Tea Month, I thought I'd give you the run down of some of our delicious iced tea-related products!

[galleryview id=20]

We are very enthusiastic about tea, so if you have any questions come down and see us!  We love to help!

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21 May

Cool Stuff Tuesday! National Stationery Week!


Aw yeah, stationeries. All of them.

Hello favorite people and welcome to KU's Cool Stuff Tuesday Stationery Show!  The National Stationery Show is currently happening at the Javits Convention Center in NYC and since most of you, my friends, aren't there, I figured I'd show you some of the things that are probably on display there!

We've already discussed at length my love of writing, so I don't feel the need to reiterate, but let me just say that I've used stationery from several of the brands here at the store and I love them all.  If you need note cards, look no further, people.

Without further ado, have a look at these Cool Stuffs.


Kodachrome Notes are a staff favorite.

Polaroid Notes and Kodachrome Notes are totally cool.  They're a really good shape, too.  Small and squareish for a quick note to a friend or family member.  "Hey, thanks for the bottle of wine!  It was great and I only got pulled over once!"  Or whatever.  Just kidding, don't drink and drive, kids.




Then there are the slightly larger and more formal cards, for slightly larger and more formal occasions.



Ok, maybe not Faerie Houses...

I'm not sure how or why, but flowers always seem to make things more formal.  Much more, "Dear Edgar, thank you so much for attending our little soiree the other night. Your joke about the hippies was so diverting!"  Or something.  Maybe not that stuffy.  Flowers don't necessarily say 'stuffy' to me...

Maybe you're into matching pens and note cards?  We have sweet rollerballs that I've mentioned before which have matching sets of note cards and/or stationery.  Behold!

p3 pens1

Pretty cool right? Right?

And then there's this!

p3 pens2

That's hot. Just sayin'.

And what would a stationery discussion be without fountain pens?  Nothing!  That's what it would be.


Oh so sexy.

I'm gonna stop now before I really get involved.  If you have any stationery questions, I'm here!


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16 May

Sea-Monkeys Day?!

So you've been dying to have a day to celebrate your favorite aquatic pets? Guess what. It already exists. For realz. Sea-monkey day is May 16th each year. Let's get it poppin'.

card I made based on real ad

card I made based on real ad

















Harold von Braunhut "invented" sea-monkeys in 1957. Since ant farms had become popular the year before, Harold decided to cash in on a similarly simple and pointless pet. He originally called them "Instant Life", but later changed the named to "Sea-Monkeys" in '62. Good plan. That was a stupid name. The product was marketed heavily in comic books, where foolish children could mail away some quarters for these oh-so-interesting undersea creatures. That's what they were lead to believe by the ridiculous ads specifically telling them so.

an actual ad from '71

an actual ad from '71

So as we all know this is how sea-monkeys are marketed to unsuspecting kids. Frankly I'm not sure how they got away with this. "They can even be trained" and "they love attention" are among the great lines from this ad. My favorite are the "Sea-Diamonds" that you can buy from the website, still being sold by the Transciece Corp. The description states that they will toss them around like beach balls and learn to ride them like surfboards. Of course they throw around quotation marks on pretty much every verb. So now to shatter all of your preconceived notions of these delightful aquatic humanoids with families and castles and surfboards, here is what sea-monkeys really are.


They are an artificial breed of brine shrimp. Put into cryptobiosis. The colony is started by adding the contents of a packet labelled "Water Purifier" to a tank of water. This packet contains salt and some brine shrimp eggs. After 24 hours, this is augmented with the contents of a packet labelled "Instant Life Eggs", containing eggs,yeast, borax, soda, salt, and sometimes a dye. The animals which hatched from the eggs over the previous day seem to appear instantly. Hilarious. But regardless of what they are, kids still enjoy having there own pets that they basically don't have to do anything for. Also we do sell them at our store as well. Cause they're fun and ridiculous. Just like us.

On a final note, some mad scientists (slash just regular scientists) have made some arsenic-based Sea-monkeys. Srs. You can get them on Think Geek. Check them out. It's super funny and real science.




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