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Oh man, you guys.  I love September so much.  It's my favorite month.  And yes, my birthday is in September, but I love it for so many more reasons than that!  September has some of the best weather of the year: still warm enough for shorts and tees, but not stupid hot, September is back to school time, which is getting more and more nostalgic the longer I'm away from school, and September has a whole bunch of great events too!  Click READ MORE to find out what's up!


I want to go to there.

This month is Bourbon Heritage Month!  Bourbon is America's Native Spirit, as decided by Congress in 1964.  Well, and as decided by the dictionary definitions of the words 'native' and 'spirit.'  But anyway.  September 2007 was declared by Congress to be National Bourbon Heritage Month and the rest is delicious tipsy history.  Celebrate responsibly, friends!

September is also Library Card Sign-Up Month!  Seriously, if you don't have a library card, stop whatever you're currently doing and go get one.  I'll wait.

And we're back!  Library card in hand!  (Or else!)  Just in time for another month-long September event, Children's Good Manners Month!  Good manners are a life skill as important as being able to feed yourself, read, or do basic arithmetic.  Good manners, in fact, may be more important than those things, because if your manners are good enough, you can get people to do all those things for you.  And I'm almost kidding about that.  So, parents, teach your children to be polite.  It might get them a meal or a job in the future.  For real.

Another great thing to celebrate all September long is National Honey Month!  Honey is delicious and a fantastic ingredient to add to most anything that needs to be sweetened.  Plus it comes from bees!  Bees!  Can you even imagine?



Pleasure Your Mate Month is also September!  Seriously, folks, this is the one person who will be with you for the rest of your life, through thick and thin, in the face of all obstacles.  Show them some love this month (and really every month all the damn time because come on.)

And finally, September is Shameless Promotion Month!  KU is the perfect place for Shameless Promotion because we are totally awesome in every single way.  And we are happy to tell you all about it.  And hear all about how totally awesome you are!  So promote!  Shamelessly!  I know I will be.

Important Dates in September:

1-7 - International Enthusiasm Week:  We love love love enthusiasm!  It's one of our favorite things!  We're enthusiastic about cards, books, gifts, Christmas, and pretty much all types of awesome fun!  You can come be enthusiastic with us any time, but Enthusiasm Week seems like a good option.

7 - Salami Day:  We are also enthusiastic about salami.  Because it is delicious.  That is all.


8 - Star Trek Original Series Premieres in 1966:  Man, speaking of things we're enthusiastic about.  Ok, I'm done, I promise.  But seriously, Star Trek is great.  It's one of those series that seems silly on the outside, but if you get to know it a bit, the silliness is still there, but it's supported by a background of wonder and appreciation and hope for scientific discovery, and that's more than enough to make up for some hokey set pieces and slightly nonsensical dialogue/plot devices.

12 - Video Games Day:  Video games are definitely in the midst of their Golden Age.  Despite the nostalgic love a lot of gamers have for the days of Pac-man and Frogger, the bigger, more detailed, more intricate, and, dare I say, better video games of the latter days are pretty freakin' awesome.  Now is a great time to like gaming, folks.  Get into it.

13 - Roald Dahl Day:  Literally one of the best storytellers of all time.  The man who gave us Matilda, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Willy Wonka.  Need I say more?

18 - Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day:  We've written our fair share of cards around here, but we also love the people who write the cards we buy.  I'd give them all the hugs.  Also, this day reminds me of the movie 500 Days of Summer, because JGL's character wrote greeting cards in that movie, and damn did he need a hug.







19 - International Talk Like a Pirate Day:  Avast, mate!  This be the day when we be talkin' like the bilge rats of yore!  K[arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr]ds Unlimited has been known to enjoy the grog on Talk Like a Pirate Day, so tie up your ship at our dock and don't be a lubber!


21-27 - Banned Books Week AND Tolkien Week AND National Dogs Week:  Otherwise known as the best week ever.  Seriously.  Dogs = the best.  Tolkien = the very best.  Flouting authority because they are dumb = the super very best.  KU will be actively engaged in fun shenanigans for both Banned Book and Tolkien Week and we always love dogs, so bring the pooch in and take our Tolkien Quiz and chat with us about how much we loath censorship!  It'll be awesome!

22 - Hobbit Day AND Dear Diary Day:  September 22nd is the birthday of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, which is why it's celebrated as Hobbit Day (fun fact: Tolkien Week is always celebrated during the Sunday-Saturday week that includes Hobbit Day!)  The 22nd is also Dear Diary Day, which is great.  Whether you're a classic diary-keeper or a blogger or a vlogger or a what-have-you, keeping a daily record of life is one of those slightly archaic habits that it might not be a bad thing to take up...

23 - Celebrate Bisexuality Day:  Another thing that KU is alllllllllll about is diversity.  We are a liberal-minded bunch of folks and we strive to present a loving, accepting, and open environment in every way.  Come celebrate our bisexual brothers and sisters with us!

Do you even know who these people are?  That's what I thought.

Do you even know who these people are? That's what I thought.

24 - Punctuation Day:  If there's anything better than a properly used semicolon, I don't know what it is.  And don't even get me started on the syntactical perfection that is the Oxford comma.  People who don't Oxford comma are the worst kind of people.

25 - National One Hit Wonder Day:  The perfect day to remember all your favorites that never had any follow-ups.  Such greats as "Autobahn", "99 Luftballons", "Come On, Eileen", and, of course, "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba.

26 - Love Note Day:  Dear Love Notes, You are so freakin' cute and adorable that it's not even funny.  I think you are the best and I hope everyone always writes you forever and ever and ever and always.  Love, Adam

29 - National Coffee Day:  Ah, coffee.  The perkiest part of any morning.  The last and greatest defense against drowsiness.  That beautiful, delectable temptress.  Don't make it weird.

30 - Blasphemy Day AND Ask a Stupid Question Day:  Nothing like a good blaspheme to liven up any day!  Especially apt on Ask A Stupid Question Day, imo.

September Birthdays!

5 - Jack Daniels AND Werner Herzog

9 - Leo Tolstoy

Everything about this is perfect.  Yes, please.

Everything about this is perfect. Yes, please.

13 - Bella Cullen

15 - Sophie Dahl AND Montgomery Burns AND Agatha Christie

16 - H.A. Rey

19 - William Golding AND Hermione Granger AND Arthur Rackham

20 - George R.R. Martin AND Malcolm Reynolds

21 - Bill Murray AND Stephen King AND H.G. Wells

22 - Frodo and Bilbo Baggins

24 - Arthur Guinness AND Jim Henson AND F. Scott Fitzgerald

25 - Mark Hamill AND Shel Silverstein

26 - Johnny Appleseed

27 - T.S. Eliot AND Scott Pilgrim

30 - Truman Capote


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