november-2016-2Well, Hal­loween is over so we might as well all go home. JUST KIDDING! IT’S TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!

Well okay, we’ll give you some time to adjust, how about for now we just cel­e­brate ALL the­se super fun hol­i­days that are con­tained in the mon­th of Novem­ber! This mon­th holds a slew of fun things! For instance: Sand­wich Day (Nov 3), Sesame St Day (Nov 10), I Love To Write Day (Nov 15) and Absur­di­ty Day (Nov 20). Birth­days this mon­th include Hel­lo Kit­ty (Nov 1), Neil Gaiman (Nov 10), James Bond (Nov 11) and C.S. Lewis (Nov 29). For even more rea­sons to keep the par­ty rollin’, keep read­ing!


Okay gents (and awe­some non-gen­der con­form­ing wom­en), it’s time to start grow­ing your win­ter upper lip scarf! It’s Mus­tache Mon­th! Oth­er­wise known as Movem­ber. It’s also Nation­al Mod­el Rail­road Mon­th. CHOO CHOO! Oh! And it’s Peanut But­ter Lovers Mon­th. Per­son­al­ly, peanut but­ter runs in my blood so this is MY MONTH. But I’ll share.


First up in the mon­th is All Saint’s Day and Nation­al Authors Day (both Nov 1). Get your paprika on for Dev­iled Egg Day (Nov 2)! Oh here is a great one: Men Make Din­ner Day (Nov 3)! Guys, if you need recipes, we have SO MANY awe­some cook­books. It’s also Cliché Day and Sand­wich Day (both Nov 3). Oh and then the FUN begins! The week­end of the 4th is both Sher­lock Holmes Week­end and also Punk­in Chunk­in Days! Who can solve the mys­tery of where all the pump­kins went???? I bet Myth­busters took them, guys.
Oh! Also Doc­tor Strange hits the­aters on the 4th.
Don’t for­get to Remem­ber Remem­ber the 5th of Novem­ber! And then you can cel­e­brate Marooned with­out a com­pass day on Novem­ber 6th.

Birth­days this week­end include:
Hel­lo Kitty(Nov 1)


It’s Dear San­ta Let­ter Week! Are you ready for that? I’m not ready for that, but it’s hap­pen­ing. If you’re not, there’s always Area Code Day and Sesame St. Day (both Nov 10) and Vet­er­ans Day (Nov 11) and World Kind­ness Day (Nov 13)!

Birth­days this week include:
Mar­garet Mitchell and Bram Stok­er (both Nov 8), Neil Gaiman (Nov 10), Kurt Von­negut and James Bond (Nov 11), and Mar­garet Atwood (Nov 13).


It’s time to dust off the old board games in your clos­et for Games and Puz­zle Week! And then there’s I Love To Write Day and Nation­al Bundt Pan Day (both Nov 15).
The cutest hol­i­day ever is up next: Have a Par­ty With Your Bear Day (Nov 16). .…I mean, it’s cute if you’re par­ty­ing with ted­dy bears. I guess it could get ugly if you try par­ty­ing with a wild bear.

Next up is Home­made Bread Day (Nov 17) and Mar­ried to a Scor­pio Sup­port Day (Nov 18). Then there’s Rocky and Bull­win­kle Day and World Toi­let Day (both Nov 19).
And of course, Absur­di­ty Day on Novem­ber 20th!

And HELLO DID YOU KNOW that the world of HARRY POTTER is return­ing to the sil­ver screen on Novem­ber 18th!!!! Do you have your tick­ets to Fan­tas­tic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet? ARE YOU SO EXCITED? We are. We SO are. <3<3<3


Start the week off right with the most TIMELESS HOLIDAY of ALL. Doc­tor Who Day (Nov 23)! And then, of course, there’s Turkey Day. Good ol’ stuff your face full of stuff­ing day! But did you know that this year Thanks­giv­ing and All Our Uncles are Mon­keys Day are the SAME DAY (Nov 24). So make sure to bring that banana pud­ding to Thanks­giv­ing din­ner for your Favorite uncle Har­ry. He will be so con­fused.

Of course, the day after Thanks­giv­ing day is so very well know! It’s You’re Wel­come Day(Nov 25)! Oh. And also Black Fri­day.

This Sun­day, Nov 27th, marks the start of Advent, so Christ­mas is offi­cial­ly STARTING. Are you ready?

Birth­days this week include:
Frances Hodg­son Bur­nett (Nov 24)


Only one hol­i­day this week, but it’s a great one! It’s French Toast Day on Novem­ber 28th, so Treat Yo’ Self.

Birth­days this week include:
Jon Stew­art (Nov 28), Made­line L’Engle and C.S. Lewis (both Nov 29)

So, what do you think?