Hay girl hay, Octo­ber has arrived! It’s FALL! It’s the mon­th of chili, apples, piz­za, pop­corn, sausage, and bak­ing. Essen­tial­ly, just anoth­er awe­some Fri­day night, that goes on for a whole mon­th, amirite? Put down your pump­kin spice lat­te and read about the REST OF THE THINGS you should be cel­e­brat­ing this mon­th!

October Events (1)



The mon­th long cel­e­bra­tions this mon­th rival ALL OTHERS! I don’t even know if I can pick a favorite. You got your Nation­al Chili Mon­th, Nation­al Apple Mon­th, Nation­al Cook­book Mon­th, Nation­al Field Trip Mon­th, Nation­al Pop­corn Pop­ping Mon­th, Piz­za Mon­th, Pos­i­tive Atti­tude Mon­th, Sausage Mon­th, Nation­al Bak­ing Mon­th, and Rap­tor Mon­th. So many food things to stuff into my face. So lit­tle time.

Phileas Fogg’s Wager Day
is Octo­ber 2, and you should (should not?) make wagers today about fly­ing around the world in 80 days. Unless you’re like a pilot or some­thing with a pri­vate plane. IDKNation­al Sto­ry­telling Week­end  falls on the 2–4, and it’s the BEST time to real­ly hone your sto­ry­telling skills so you can be the KEWLEST grand­par­ent in the neigh­bor­hood some­day. Ten-four Day (Octo­ber 4) will require you to get some walkie talkies and say 10–4 good bud­dy to every­one you talk to all day. Octo­ber 4 is also Vod­ka Day, so sor­ry in advance to every­one I  encoun­ter. At least it’s a Sun­day. Mys­tery Series Week runs from Octo­ber 5–11, and we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you pick up an Agatha Christie book or 7. She’s the queen of mys­tery, after all. Mad Hat­ter Day (Octo­ber 6) is pret­ty fun and will neces­si­tate wear­ing this giant hat all day, even in the show­er.

Birth­days this week:
Snoopy (Octo­ber 2), Anne Rice (Octo­ber 4), and Mar­io Lemieux (Octo­ber 5).

HELLO PIEROGIS! Nation­al Pierogi Day  is Octo­ber 8 and holy moly you should find some and eat em. Sweet, delec­table piero­gies. Cheese, onion, pota­to, ANYTHING! Yum. Nation­al Chest­nut Week goes from Octo­ber 12–18. So, chest­nuts roast­ing on a open fire! Too soon? Okay. Then get a nut crack­er and get crack­in. Colum­bus Day is Octo­ber 12, and it’s only fit­ting that you claim things that aren’t yours all day. I claim the­se french fries! I claim this sta­pler! On Nation­al Kick Butt Day, Octo­ber 12, you should nat­u­ral­ly KICK BUTT AT ALL THE THINGS! Refrain from assault­ing peo­ple by lit­er­al­ly kick­ing them, and be awe­some all day instead.

Birth­days this week:
Count von Count (Octo­ber 9), H.J. Heinz (Octo­ber 11), and William Penn (Octo­ber 14).

If you’re a grouch of the Oscar the Grouch kind, you’re in luck! Octo­ber 15 is Nation­al Grouch Day! Grouch­es can only be hap­py by being mis­er­able, ya know. Boss’s Day is 16, so don’t for­get to get em a card and tell them how much you love them! In a very for­mal, busi­ness-like way.

Birth­days this week:
Friedrich Niet­zsche (Octo­ber 15), P.G. Wode­house (Octo­ber 15), Oscar Wilde (Octo­ber 16), Bela Lugosi (Octo­ber 20), Car­rie Fish­er and Ursu­la K. Le Guin (Octo­ber 21).

TYPE ALL OF YOUR EMAILS AND TEXTS IN CAPS ON CAPS LOCK DAY (OCTOBER 22.) Dur­ing Inter­na­tion­al Mag­ic Week (Octo­ber 25–31), cel­e­brate the won­der­ful world of mag­ic! Because mag­ic is real, obv *looks down nose at you*. Cre­ate a Great Funer­al Day (Octo­ber 30) is a great day to un-mor­bid­ly plan your funer­al. Or some­one else’s. Then you can tell them about it! Can­dy Corn Day and Devil’s Night fall on Octo­ber 30. So, here’s the plan. Spend the day eat­ing only can­dy corn, and spend the evening caus­ing mild­ly annoy­ing mis­chief.  Octo­ber 31 is a very spe­cial day: Hal­loweenNation­al Knock Knock Jokes Day, and Nation­al Mag­ic Day all share the spot­light. If you’re already itch­ing for Hal­loween, you should stop in and get a good cos­tume or hat (or 12) from us! We are ALL ABOUT THE HALLOWEEN THING! Okay okay okay ready for this knock knock joke? Knock, knock. Who’s there? Canoe. Canoe who? Canoe help me with my home­work? Bad­umTISS. Last but not least, Nation­al Mag­ic day falls on Octo­ber 31 because it’s the anniver­sary of Har­ry Houdini’s death. Which is a fun fact. We love mag­ic!

Birth­days this week: Pat Con­roy (Octo­ber 26), John Cleese (Octo­ber 27), Sylvia Plath (Octo­ber 27), Alf and Eve­lyn Waugh (Octo­ber 28), and Peter Jack­son (Octo­ber 30).


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