On the flip side of the Pes­simistic Friend, there are also those sun­shine-y peo­ple who are nev­er down for long. You know, the sun will come out tomor­row type deals. We need them as much as we need any­one, and we want to show­er them with hap­py, opti­mistic gifts!

Optimism FB Photo

If they’re into jour­nal­ing, may we sug­gest the Affir­ma­tion Ball, Evi­dence the World is Basi­cal­ly Good: A Log­book for Opti­mists Jour­nal, Hec­tor and the Search of Hap­pi­ness, Why You’re Real­ly, Real­ly Awe­some Pad, High Five Nifty Notes, Smi­ley Face soap and You are a Good Per­son soap.


Do they have a lot of ener­gy? Get them a Rain­bow Stunt Stream­er. They’re so mag­i­cal. Don’t For­get a mini Pusheen, and a Glit­ter Wand!


What about a GIANT PUSHEEN? Qwilly shown for size com­par­ison.


How about some pos­i­tive Blue Q socks.


Quotable mugs will help you start your days off on a good note!


So, what do you think?