Do you spend your days in the card­board box they call cubi­cles? Do you know some­one with a brand new Adult Job? Well here are some things that you should prob­a­bly have to fill the tiny space you call ‘office’!

- A beach wall cal­en­dar to stare at when you get tired of work­ing.
— A page a day cal­en­dar so you can waste 5 min­utes a day rip­ping that page off.
— A mug that you will rec­og­nize when your cowork­er steals it.
— Some hand san­i­tiz­er for when you meet the guy who wanks at the water cool­er.
— A lunch box that will make you feel like a kid again for 5 min­utes so that you for­get how old and respon­si­ble you are now.
— Snarky file fold­ers to put the stu­pid office mem­os in.
— A mouse pad that dou­bles as a note pad because real­ly you only have so much room in that cubi­cle.
— Office cita­tions that you can write up…but real­ly shouldn’t actu­al­ly send to your new cowork­ers
— A fail but­ton for when you attend your first office meet­ing. Serio­su­ly. Use that thing. Peo­ple will love it. 

Hap­py Job-Hav­ing, you adult, you!

So, what do you think?