So, you want some lovin’? And lovin’, I don’t mean just a hug. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s pressure to get chocolate and flowers. These aren’t bad, but if you want something more original, you are in luck: Kards Unlimited is here to help.

(also, if you are reading this and it’s not close to Valentine’s Day, that’s OK: it’s always nice to add some lovin’ to your life)

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.12.40 PMShower Bursts

Nothing is better when gettin’ some lovin’ than when everyone involved smells like heaven. That’s why KU recommends shower bursts, found just to the left of the counter when you walk into the store. Small, cute, wrapped in shiny paper, these shower bursts are simple to use and yet highly effective. Unwrap, put on the edge of the tub while in the shower, and these soaps will fill the air and your skin with the smells of lavender, tea tree, herbs and more herbs. Each color helps with a specific area, such as stress, headache, etc. So buy a shower burst specific to your loved one and not only will everyone smell great, but they will also be happy you thought of them. And, you know, you are sure to get some lovin’ if you smell like heaven.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.09.59 PMCandles

After you step out the shower smelling delicious, you are going to want some good lighting. Good lighting that will flatter the entire body is low lighting to no lighting with a hint of orange. What provides this kind of lighting? Candles. Here at KU, we sell a plethora of nice, sturdy candles with nice colors. Candles are great because they’ve been around forever. Look up pictures and paintings from the past and what do you see? Candles. If you buy a candle, it’s like you’re saying I’ve loved you to the Egyptian days and back. That’s a long time to love someone.

365 positions

Are you ever in the bedroom and get a bit bored with how repetitive . . . It. . . has become? This small book not only can fix this boredom, but also gives a couple or multiple people something to look forward to each day by providing a different position each day. This book could bring a flame back into an old relationship or really rocket off a new one.sexTry strange positions, try dangerous positions, try fun positions. Given as a gift (wouldn’t recommend for just a crush, unless you really want to be bold) this can show your own commitment for changing things up, which is sure to bring a smile.

Card Vouchers

Have you ever been the recipient or maker of card vouchers? Where, because you have no money, you draw up card vouchers with sayings with how you will do certain tasks for them or favors, such as win an argument, or this time you’ll do the laundry. For me, I once received card vouchers from a friend but never used them because the cards were made from cheap paper and ended up crumpled and ripped. At Kards Unlimited, we sell the good kind. Card Vouchers for Lovers is a small booklet with beautiful quality paper. voucherThe suggestions, because they are written by an outsider, are even better for a relationship because they are ideas you might not have thought of. So try it out! Also, in case you were wondering about expiration dates, the cards are valid unless something occurs to the relationship. A nice add on to avoid awkwardness.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.04.54 PMAny Anne Rice Book

If you want to get some lovin’ and feeling a bit daring, I recommend Anne Rice’s literature to read aloud in bed to your significant other. Her writing is sometimes unintentionally hilarious (add on: drink whenever she writes “blushes”) but it also makes 50 Shades of Grey look like it was written for kids. Cringe-outwardly, but her tales ranging from vampires to twists on classic fairy tales will suck you in and leave you wanting more. Reading aloud with a significant other can make the sexy moments funny, give great ideas for role-play afterwards, and can become a fun contest in who can be more creative with coming up with memorable voices for characters.


And really, these gifts are just to help you get some lovin’. The best thing you can do to get some lovin’ is to listen, to pay attention, and give lots of hugs. Hugs always work out best. Please comment below on how successful (or unsuccessful) these suggestions were!

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