So May 25th is Geek Pride Day. How good is that junk?


Have Pride!

What's your poison? You like comic books? Model Trains? Cosplay? DnD? Anime? Crazy Sweet Technology? Obscure Asian gore films on VHS? However your geekism manifests itself, the 25th is the day to let it shine. Being a geek is becoming much less taboo. Anymore most people have something that they admittedly geek over. For me personally, I feel like watching a Gundam marathon while playing a Sega Genesis emulator in my dinosaur pajamas. Whatevs. I'm not ashamed. I also have Final Fantasy tattoos so it's not like like I'm fooling anybody anyway. NONETHELESS! If for whatever reason you feel the need to hide your true geek from your family, or friends or significant other who still doesn't know you collect vintage My Little Ponies, today is the perfect day to let 'em know!

I won't tell.

I won't tell.

It also happens to be Towel Day (celebrating the life and works of Douglas Adams), the anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars (in '77), and the Glorious 25th of May (for fans of Terry Pratchett to wear lilac in support of alzheimers awareness). A lot of good geek fuel.

Have pride you geek. Don't hide anymore. I'm pretty sure all of us that work here find geeks sexy. And celebrate being you however you want? Wanna come over and play some Dungeons and dragons with me? I'll let you use my dice. ;)



And if you want some realistically insightful and fully inappropriate text in your face about geek culture check out this article from Stuff You Will Hate, which I love. Be a geek! It's 20WhaTeveR! Do what ya love. Now excuse me that Mega Bomberman isn't gonna play itself. Lata!

So good. Bring on the mountain dew.

So good. Bring on the mountain dew and bawls cocktail.

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