1 Dec

December 2016 Calendar of Events


♫While the merry bells keep ringing/May your every wish come true♫ It's our absolute FAVORITE time of year: the holiday freaking season! We've got so many things to celebrate this month, besides the usual faves, like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Read on to find out what's getting our spirits even higher this month! Read more >>

23 Nov

Top 10 Things We Are Thankful For!


Now more than ever we need to remind ourselves what we are thankful for and not take those things for granted. So without further ado:

  1. Nerds. You make the world go round. Enthusiasm is the spice of life, in a Dune kind of way.
  2. Leftover Halloween candy. Rotting my teeth as we speak, and Starburst are literally flying across the office at an alarming and dangerous rate. 
  3. Books. But seriously, can you even imagine life without? Don't. Don't try. It's awful and cold and dark in that place. 
  4. Pets. Along with books, make life worth living. Sometimes I look at my cats and get really tripped out that this super fuzzy little creature with legs and a face that exists on this planet is living in my house and likes to hang out with me. 
  5. Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling. We're pretty sure that Harry Potter is 95% of what we talk about here at KU, and the other 5% is usually about reminding the males to use the bathroom spray in the employee bathroom. (Note: We need more bathroom spray.)
  6. Each other. We like to create a family here at Ku, and right now our staff is aces. We are really lucky to have really good people working with us.
  7. Game of Thrones references.  Ok I lied, our conversations here are 60% Harry Potter and 40% GOT. We like to yell "YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW!" at trainees. But in a nice way.
  8.  Star Wars references. Ok I lied again. Our convos our 50% Potter, 20% GOT, and 1,000% Star Wars references. Most used: "these are the cards you're looking for" and "that's no (insert moon-like object).
  9. & 10. The last 2 are dedicated to YOU our wonderful and loyal customers because I want to talk about you for more than as sentence. You are sincerely what makes us love coming to work everyday. Interacting with you about what you're reading, watching, eating, and especially hearing you laugh, reminds us why we're here. We have fun with each other here, but it's the customers that really make it all worth it. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, human and feline and canine and all. 

-Kards Unlimited

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3 Nov

National Sandwich Day: Tips from a Pro!

Nobody gets me like you do sandwich

Nobody gets me like you do sandwich

On this special day, we have outsourced this blog to a pro sandwich lover, the one and only Marne Orenich. The girl has sandwich tattoos on her body, what more sandwich street cred do you need? Enjoy her recommendations!
I would never call myself a "foodie" (wretch), and I admit that I've been slippin' on checking out the ridiculous amount of awesome restaurants popping up in the Burgh, but if there is one thing I know to be real and true, it's that I am obsessed with sandwiches. If you want proof, you can talk to Bree, who drove 7 hours across the state with me to go to the Sandwich Club summit last year, or the tattoo artist who permanently drilled a hoagie onto my ribs on the way back from said summit (Bree got a grilled cheese on her leg). 
For National Sandwich Day, my dear friend Amanda asked me to write a little something, so I thought I'd share a handful of my favorite sandos from our delicious city. 
Buffalo Chicken Hoagie- Spak Bros
Spak Bros knows how to do a hoagie. I delight in anything buffalo-related, so I go with grilled chicken (to be healthy, right?), and ditch the veggies (wait, that's not that healthy), provolone cheese, and of course blue cheese on the side (yes, double cheese). Honorable mention to the Seitan Melt (or "Smelt") that every vegan or vegetarian in PGH is obsessed with. 
Tuna Melt- Hanlon's (Crafton)
Hanlon's is a little treasure, and a favorite of everyone I work with in Crafton. Their Tuna Melt isn't anything fancy, but it's done perfectly on toasty bread with cheese and tomato. 
Banh Mi- brillobox
Everyone I know LOVES this sammie. I actually prefer the tofu version, even though I eat meat, but pork and chicken are also available. I recommend getting the optional jalapeños if you like it spicy. (Please note that I do know of Lucy and her magical Bahn Mi's in the Strip, but our beloved Rick Sebak has already highlighted her, so I thought I'd give brillo a deserved shout out.)
Baba Jaga- Apteka
Described as "Veg pate, Polish pickles, smoked onion remoulade, pickled beet, mustard, house seed bread", it didn't necessarily appeal to me until I tried half of my friend's. It immediately blew me away and became a sandwich I knew I'd come back for. 
Rosemary Braised Beef- Gaucho Parilla Argentina
This one is memorable on flavor and size. When I first got it, I knew there was no way I could finish it in one go. Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs, and this beef is perfect. 
I wanted to keep this list short n sweet, but if you're hungry for more, I'd suggest watching Rick Sebak's Sandwiches That You Will Like, a must see for any sando lover. In closing, I ask you what Rick asks at the end of his tasty documentary: Which is more important in a sandwich? The bread, or the filling?  A true question for the ages...
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1 Nov

November 2016 Holidays

november-2016-2Well, Halloween is over so we might as well all go home. JUST KIDDING! IT'S TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!

Well okay, we'll give you some time to adjust, how about for now we just celebrate ALL these super fun holidays that are contained in the month of November! This month holds a slew of fun things! For instance: Sandwich Day (Nov 3), Sesame St Day (Nov 10), I Love To Write Day (Nov 15) and Absurdity Day (Nov 20). Birthdays this month include Hello Kitty (Nov 1), Neil Gaiman (Nov 10), James Bond (Nov 11) and C.S. Lewis (Nov 29). For even more reasons to keep the party rollin', keep reading!


Okay gents (and awesome non-gender conforming women), it's time to start growing your winter upper lip scarf! It's Mustache Month! Otherwise known as Movember. It's also National Model Railroad Month. CHOO CHOO! Oh! And it's Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Personally, peanut butter runs in my blood so this is MY MONTH. But I'll share.


First up in the month is All Saint's Day and National Authors Day (both Nov 1). Get your paprika on for Deviled Egg Day (Nov 2)! Oh here is a great one: Men Make Dinner Day (Nov 3)! Guys, if you need recipes, we have SO MANY awesome cookbooks. It's also Cliché Day and Sandwich Day (both Nov 3). Oh and then the FUN begins! The weekend of the 4th is both Sherlock Holmes Weekend and also Punkin Chunkin Days! Who can solve the mystery of where all the pumpkins went???? I bet Mythbusters took them, guys.
Oh! Also Doctor Strange hits theaters on the 4th.
Don't forget to Remember Remember the 5th of November! And then you can celebrate Marooned without a compass day on November 6th.

Birthdays this weekend include:
Hello Kitty(Nov 1)


It's Dear Santa Letter Week! Are you ready for that? I'm not ready for that, but it's happening. If you're not, there's always Area Code Day and Sesame St. Day (both Nov 10) and Veterans Day (Nov 11) and World Kindness Day (Nov 13)!

Birthdays this week include:
Margaret Mitchell and Bram Stoker (both Nov 8), Neil Gaiman (Nov 10), Kurt Vonnegut and James Bond (Nov 11), and Margaret Atwood (Nov 13).


It's time to dust off the old board games in your closet for Games and Puzzle Week! And then there's I Love To Write Day and National Bundt Pan Day (both Nov 15).
The cutest holiday ever is up next: Have a Party With Your Bear Day (Nov 16). ....I mean, it's cute if you're partying with teddy bears. I guess it could get ugly if you try partying with a wild bear.

Next up is Homemade Bread Day (Nov 17) and Married to a Scorpio Support Day (Nov 18). Then there's Rocky and Bullwinkle Day and World Toilet Day (both Nov 19).
And of course, Absurdity Day on November 20th!

And HELLO DID YOU KNOW that the world of HARRY POTTER is returning to the silver screen on November 18th!!!! Do you have your tickets to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet? ARE YOU SO EXCITED? We are. We SO are. <3<3<3


Start the week off right with the most TIMELESS HOLIDAY of ALL. Doctor Who Day (Nov 23)! And then, of course, there's Turkey Day. Good ol' stuff your face full of stuffing day! But did you know that this year Thanksgiving and All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day are the SAME DAY (Nov 24). So make sure to bring that banana pudding to Thanksgiving dinner for your Favorite uncle Harry. He will be so confused.

Of course, the day after Thanksgiving day is so very well know! It's You're Welcome Day(Nov 25)! Oh. And also Black Friday.

This Sunday, Nov 27th, marks the start of Advent, so Christmas is officially STARTING. Are you ready?

Birthdays this week include:
Frances Hodgson Burnett (Nov 24)


Only one holiday this week, but it's a great one! It's French Toast Day on November 28th, so Treat Yo' Self.

Birthdays this week include:
Jon Stewart (Nov 28), Madeline L'Engle and C.S. Lewis (both Nov 29)

31 Oct



Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you're spending today doing something super fun, like knocking on stranger's doors and stealing their candy!

We are super excited to see some customers in costume today! Please! Stop by and show us your amazing fun halloween personalities! 

What's that? You don't HAVE a costume? Well. we can't solve that whole problem for you, but we can get you started. We have a million fun costume hats that you can wear with normal everyday clothes and still feel a bit fun and fancy! Stop by to put them all on your head!

We also have some beautiful spooky decorations, so if you need that one last touch for your halloween party tonight, we can absolutely help.

Have fun and be safe out there! Watch out for harmful spirits and say hello to old loved ghosts tonight when the spirit world is so close to our own! And brush your teeth!

12 Oct

Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories


This month is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. We have lots of feels about that: we love puppies and we especially love when puppies find a safe and  love-filled place they call home! So when we got this particular book in stock, we were all a-crying, sighing and full of warm fuzzier!  Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories by Traer Scott is chalk full of pictures of some really amazing dogs, all of whom Scott encountered while volunteering at various animal shelters.

Scott combines the amazing photography with stories of these wonderful doggies: From Morrissey,  a pitt bull who struggled with anxiety behaviors while in the animal shelter until he found a forever home with a family with four children, to Bingley, a dog made deaf during a drug bust who found a family willing to love and live with a dog who can't hear. The stories are all inspiring, although some can be a but heart wrenching.

This book makes a great coffee table book and conversation starter for any and all dog lovers. Show all your visitors these beautiful sad-funny faces and maybe you can help convince someone to bring home their very own shelter dog friend! 

6 Oct


It's Mad Hatters Day!! In honor of this glorious holiday, we bring you: HATS! Kards has a huge selection of hats, so we thought we would show them off to you, readers! Many thanks to our beautiful models. You are all now famous, because I've said so!

But seriously, look how much fun these people are having with hats! You, too, could have that much fun! Stop by today to put a thing on your head!!