5 Jul

Blair Kirin’s Summer Reading Picks!

Summer Reading with Blair

Blair is, and I quote, the “Mas­cot of Kards Unlim­it­ed”. She embod­ies the soul and spir­it of this store: smart, wit­ty, some­times a lit­tle inap­pro­pri­ate and always TONS of fun. She is a KID at heart, but with also the brain of a sophis­ti­cat­ed, well read per­son! Check out her sum­mer read­ing rec­om­men­da­tions! You won’t regret it, yo.



The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell
This can be read in iso­la­tion but it is con­nect­ed to his oth­er books which I high­ly recommend–although you run the risk of spi­ral­ing down the rab­bit hole of his time-jump­ing-we-are-all-con­nect­ed-uni­verse and try to make a chart and then meet him in per­son and show him said chart and watch him rub his tem­ples from the headache you caused.
If you like puz­zles, mys­tery, real life with a para­nor­mal twist…read him.

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Jonathan Strange and Mr. Nor­rell by Susan­na Clarke
So this may be my FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME even though I say that a lot…because of the uni­verse I was enveloped in while read­ing it. What is so extra­or­di­nary about this book is YES it’s mag­ic but it’s mag­ic in the “real world”; a magi­cian attempts to bring respect and dig­ni­ty back to mag­ic by show­ing its prac­ti­cal use­ful­ness and employs it dur­ing war-time, for exam­ple, which I’ve nev­er seen done (and oh my god those sce­nes are so amaze). The oth­er fun thing about this book is the his­to­ry in the footnotes–it’s prac­ti­cal­ly a whole oth­er book. The world she builds is tru­ly incred­i­ble and the pace and care put into the char­ac­ter devel­op­ment and fic­tion­al his­to­ry is unlike any book I’ve ever read and feels so real that you fin­ish the book feel­ing like a schol­ar of an alter­na­tive his­to­ry.

The Magi­cians by Lev Gross­man
Many peo­ple have likened this to a teenage, R-rat­ed Har­ry Pot­ter, which is some­what accu­rate because mag­ic but also blood and sex and vio­lence etc., and our Har­ry in this case is a wit­ty exis­ten­tial jok­er with a dirty vocab­u­lary. Also, add Nar­nia. This is a fun read that has sur­pris­ing­ly sin­cere and mov­ing moments along with its some­times very creepy and haunt­ing ones.


Oryx and Crake by Mar­garet Atwood
One of the rea­sons I love sci-fi and or any­thing post-apoc­a­lyp­tic, is that you spend the begin­ning of the sto­ry learn­ing a new vocab­u­lary in a new uni­verse and you don’t know what’s going on because you are open­ing the pages of this world and it doesn’t have to explain itself to you, the voyeur. Atwood is bril­liant with her pac­ing and moments of rev­e­la­tion to the read­er in this very strange world that feels like it could be ours. It’s the first in a tril­o­gy and you’ll want to get to the 2nd the sec­ond you fin­ish.


The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Sid­dons
Ok. Here’s the thing. I don’t read a lot of scary sto­ries which is sil­ly because I love scary movies. But I’ve read this, and this is SCARY. I loved this and had SO MUCH FUN hav­ing the expe­ri­ence of read­ing a page-turn­er. The best part was hav­ing a friend read it and freak­ing out when you get to cer­tain parts and send­ing gross texts to each oth­er in the mid­dle of the night that may or may not involve fetus­es.


The Foun­da­tion Tril­o­gy by Isaac Asi­mov
So this was my first sci-fi and I haven’t looked back (at oth­er gen­res) since. This changed my whole world. This is one of those sto­ries that makes you won­der how a human could hold all of it in their head. In the mil­lions of galax­ies that exist a man named Hari Sel­don has pre­dict­ed the future and it’s HOW he pre­dicts, not what, that is so fas­ci­nat­ing to me. Imag­ine com­bin­ing all the dis­ci­plines into one and all the knowl­edge that would give; imag­ine try­ing to deliv­er that mes­sage over the span of centuries—and does the very act of dis­sem­i­nat­ing infor­ma­tion change the future or does it cause what was always meant to be?



Phan­tom Toll­booth by Nor­ton Juster

My love of lan­guage began here and is still with me. It is with young Milo that I learned how won­der­ful and strange lan­guage can be, which led me to pur­sue poet­ry, phi­los­o­phy and lin­guis­tics in col­lege. In Dic­tio­nop­o­lis I learned that let­ters taste dif­fer­ent. I learned that Con­clu­sions is an island that can only be reached by jump­ing. I learned that war is what hap­pens when rhyme and rea­son are nowhere to be found. I learned that mean­ing in lan­guage is nev­er exhaust­ed, but always open to new and imag­i­na­tive pos­si­bil­i­ties.



The Inven­tion of Hugo Cabret by Bri­an Selznick
This is one of the most beau­ti­ful and mov­ing sto­ries I’ve ever read and I’ve read a lot of sto­ries. Mar­t­in Scorce­se thought so too and made it a film and won best pic­ture of the year…just say­ing. The book is com­prised of stun­ning pen­cil draw­ings and pages of text in between that tells the sto­ry of being true to one­self and one’s pas­sions in life. It’ll getcha.

1 Jul

Summer Reading Bingo 2016

Summer Reading

Sum­mer start­ed like weeks ago, we know. Are your read­ing pants on yet? Because it’s TIME FOR  SUMMER READING BINGO.

Our sum­mer read­ing dis­play hit the shelves last week, so we’re ready to rum­ble! BRING IT!

bingo card click link


Every­one loves to win!


Because we freak­ing love books, we’ve decid­ed to make a game out of sum­mer read­ing! Join us for an epic game of Sum­mer Read­ing Bin­go! There are prizes! 

So here’s all the info you need on our Sum­mer Book Bin­go! JOIN US

How To Play

Cross­ing off squares!
Read a book that counts for the square you’d like to com­plete. (or, do the action it requires)
When you are fin­ished with a book, post a pic­ture of your book (or open kindle) on Face­book or Insta­gram or Twit­ter and tag us! Make sure you tell us which square you’re cross­ing off. Only one square per book, please!
Each time you cross off a square you will get one raf­fle entry. So, the more you cross off, the bet­ter chance you have to win an amaz­ing prize!

When you get Bin­go, (5 squares ver­ti­cal, hor­i­zon­tal or diag­o­nal) you’ll win a 10% off coupon for one item of your choice! Make sure you’re keep­ing track at home. Just like in real bin­go, you have to tell us you have a bin­go in order to win. We’ll be keep­ing track of your squares and will dou­ble check when you say ‘BINGO!’ on your Face­book or Insta­gram. (make sure you tag us, though. don’t be shout­ing into the inter­net ran­dom­ly! we might miss it.)

The Rules:

-One square per book! Yes, we know that some books are clas­sic fic­tion AND Pulitzer prize win­ners. but you have to read TWO books to cross of both squares.
-You have to post on Face­book, Twit­ter or Insta­gram, tag us, and include #KUBook­Bin­go to get cred­it for your squares. Please take a pic­ture of your book, post on Face­book or Insta­gram, tag Kards Unlim­it­ed, and make sure to say which square you’re cross­ing off. Also, if you have a bin­go, Say it LOUDHere is an exam­ple: (pret­ty pic­ture of the book The Handmaid’s Tale) Just fin­ished read­ing The Handmaid’s Tale for @Kards Unlim­it­ed sum­mer read­ing bin­go! I’ve just crossed off the Banned Book square! #KUBook­Bin­go
-You have to post BINGO to get a bin­go! While we’ll be keep­ing track of your squares, you have to say it to win it! Just post on FB or Insta­gram that you’ve got­ten a sum­mer read­ing bin­go and make sure to tag us! We’ll get in touch with you to get you your coupon.

The Squares:

Spe­cial­ty squares: 
Your Pick: You can read ANYTHING for this one!
KU Staff Favorite: Stop by the store to check out our Sum­mer Read­ing dis­play! Each of our Staff mem­bers has a whole shelf full of rec­om­men­da­tions! Can’t come to the store? Tweet or Insta­gram us and we’ll set you up with some­thing you’ll love!
Fol­low us on Face­book or Twit­ter: This one’s real­ly easy! Just hit the ‘fol­low’ but­ton’! If you already fol­low us, just tag us in a sta­tus or pic­ture to get the­se squares crossed off.
Ask a KU Employ­ee: Tweet us and we’ll chal­lenge you to a ran­dom book or our choos­ing!
Free-Spot: Clear­ly, this means this spot is already x-ed off for you…. But if you want to read a book for this square any­way, we sure won’t stop you.
Fol­low KU on Insta­gram: Same as Face­book and Twit­ter square, except it’s Insta­gram!
Ask the Library: Tweet at Carnegie Library to get a sug­ges­tion! Like this: “Hey @carnegielibrary! @KardsUnlimted says you can hook me up with a sum­mer read­ing sug­ges­tion! What should I read next?”

Reg­u­lar book squares:
Need some sug­ges­tions?
We put togeth­er some lists of our favorite books from each gen­re right here!
Some­thing with His­to­ry: Non fic­tion or fic­tion, we don’t care! Read some­thing about a time that’s not hap­pen­ing right now!
Poet­ry Col­lec­tion: Get your verse on! Read a col­lec­tion of poems. We sure don’t care if it’s Pablo Neru­da or Shel Sil­ver­stein!
Young Adult: Read a Young Adult book.
New­ber­ry Medal: Read a book that has been award­ed the New­ber­ry Medal!
Banned Book: Read a book that has been banned!
Some­thing with Drag­ons: Komodo Drag­ons count!
Now a Movie!: Read some­thing that’s been turned into a film!
Some­thing with Super­heroes: Don’t feel lim­it­ed to fic­tion, guys! Real life peo­ple are super­heroes to!!
Clas­sic Fic­tion: Pick up a clas­sic. You know the one. The one you’ve been putting off for ages. That one.
Man­ga or Graph­ic Nov­el: Read one! We have so many sug­ges­tions.
Non-Fic­tion: Read some­thing REAL. But don’t feel trapped into read­ing some­thing bor­ing. Non-Fic­tion is super fun a lot of the time!!
Now a TV Show!: Read a book that’s been turned into a TV series. Or the oth­er way around. That works too.
Hugo Award: Read some­thing that’s won the Hugo award!
Hot New Title: Read that new release that every­one is talk­ing about. We won’t judge if it came out a few years ago. >.>
Kid’s Book: Read a book for kids!
Biog­ra­phy: Read about someone’s life!
Con­tin­ue a Series: Read the sec­ond or third or what­ev­er book in that series you start­ed a while a go and put down.
Some­thing with Crime: Real crime or imag­i­nary crime, it don’t mat­ter!

Good Luck! May your bed­side table lamp ever shine in your favor.

bingo card click link

30 Jun

July 2016 Events and Holidays

july 2016

Wel­come to JULY peo­ple! It’s get­ting hot in here! If you’re look­ing for some­thing to do between all the yard sales and bar­be­cues, we’ve got some ideas! For instance, July is not just Nation­al Grilling, Hot Dog and Ice Cream Mon­th, it’s also Inde­pen­dent Retail­ers Mon­th! Hey, that’s us! Also up this mon­th is I For­got Day (July 2), Inter­na­tion­al Kiss­ing Day (July 6),  Nation­al French Fries Day (July 13) and Nation­al Tequi­la Day (July 24)! Birth­days this mon­th include Robert Hein­lein(July 7), Hunter S. Thomp­son (July 18), Har­ry Pot­ter and J.K. Rowl­ing (both July 31). Speak­ing of Har­ry and Rowl­ing, The Cursed Child hits our shelves at 12:01 AM on July 31ST! If you pre-order soon, you can still join us for our Mid­night Release Par­ty! (Co host­ed with Cof­fee Tree, because they are great peo­ple!!) For more infor­ma­tion or more hol­i­days, keep read­ing!


July is the mon­th of many things, includ­ing AC Appre­ci­a­tion Days, Nation­al Dog House Repairs Mon­th, Nation­al Grilling Mon­th, Nation­al Ice Cream Mon­th, Nation­al Hot Dog Mon­th, and Nation­al Inde­pen­dent Retail­ers Mon­th!! Start the par­ty!


Okay, so there’s a few extra days in this “week” but why are you even count­ing? First up this mon­th is Canada Day (July 1)! It’s the same day that the movie ver­sion of The BFG hits the the­aters!!! Next up is I For­got Day and World UFO Day which are very con­ve­nient­ly on the same day so that you can for­get about the UFOs. (both July 2)

Get the grills out for Inde­pen­dence Day! But make sure to include some veg­e­tar­i­an options, since it is also Inde­pen­dence From Meat Day (Both July 4). Seri­ous­ly, who thought that one up? Not eat meat on one of the biggest grilling days of the year. YEAH RIGHT. *ahem* I mean. Go you! You do that awe­some meat free thing!!

Make sure you load up on sun­screen for Bikini Day (July 5)! All bod­ies are Bikini Bod­ies. But they don’t all have to be crispy lob­ster bod­ies. Only YOU can pre­vent skin fires.

Inter­na­tion­al Kiss­ing Day and Take Your Web­mas­ter to Lunch Day share the box on the cal­en­dar (both July 6), so you might as well mul­ti-task and make that a hot lunch date, yo.

Birth­days this week include:
Indi­ana Jones (July 1), Franz Kafka (July 3), Robert Hein­lein  and Dr. Wat­son (both July 7).


It’s time for the CUTEST HOLIDAY EVER: Ted­dy Bears Pic­nic Day (July 10)! And then there’s Nation­al French Fries Day (July 13) or you know, ‘MURICA FRIES DAY if you’re so inclined. It’s also Inter­na­tion­al Town Criers Day (also on July 13) and I hon­est­ly can’t tell you why that’s still a thing any­more. I vote we all just spend the day watch­ing John Stew­ard and John Oliv­er hash out the news.

St. Swithin’s Day is July 15th, and then Nation­al Ven­tril­o­quism Week is from July 13th-16th. That’s not a whole week, we know, but I guess July is also TIME DOESN’T MATTER mon­th. Oh. also. Who is super excit­ed about the new Ghost­buster Movie???? It hits the the­aters on the 15th!

Birth­days this week include:
E.B. White (July 11), Hen­ry David Thore­au (July 12), and Patrick Stewart/Jean-Luc Picard (both July 13).

This week is Nation­al Zookeep­er Week (July 17–23), so make sure you go say hi to all those love­ly peo­ple who decid­ed to get paid to hang out with adorable and some­times scary ani­mals. And also some­times pick up poop. In fact, July 17th is Nation­al Ice Cream Day, so go say hi on the 17th and then hit up Allegheny Ice Cream right out­side the Zoo. Their hot­dogs are AMAZING. (It’s also Nation­al Hot Dog Mon­th, remem­ber??? DO IT ALL!)

Next up is Nation­al Lol­lipop Day (July 20) and then on the 22nd, it’s Casu­al Pi Day, Rat Catcher’s Day AND ALSO Star Trek Beyond hits the the­aters. Oh and then it’s Nation­al Hot Dog Day (July 23) so may­be go have some more hot dogs. again. NO REGRETS.

Birth­days this mon­th include:
Hunter S. Thomp­son (July 18), Cor­mac McCarthy (July 20), Ernest Hem­ing­way (July 21), and Daniel Rad­clif­fe (July 23).



This week starts strong with Nation­al Tequi­la Day (July 24) and we have just the recipe for you! Check out Kards Unlim­it­eds’ Killer Tequi­la San­gria to get the par­ty start­ed HOOOOOO. The next day is Mer­ry Go Round Day (July 25) so make sure you get all that tequi­la out of your sys­tem or it could  be a nasty ride. Next up is Bar­bie in a Blender Day (What. the. what.) and Walk on Stilts Day (both July 27).

On July 30th we’re hav­ing our MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY for Har­ry Pot­ter and the Cursed Child!! If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, call us ASAP! The book will be dis­trib­ut­ed at 12:01 AM on July 31st! Haven’t heard about the Mid­night Release Par­ty yet? Here’s some infor­ma­tion for you!

Birth­days this week include:
Alexan­dre Dumas (July 24), Beat­rix Pot­ter (July 28), Neville Long­bot­tom (July 30), and Har­ry Pot­ter and J.K. Rowl­ing (both 31).

7 Jun

In honor of Prince’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to Prince!

Today (June 7th, 2016) Prince would have been 58.
Many of us KU employ­ees regard­ed Prince as a Hero. He helped us be com­fort­able in our crazy weird skins, and showed us that we didn’t have to fit into the box­es of nor­mal­cy to be accept­ed and adored. So today, we remem­ber Prince and his pret­ty rad lega­cy.

Rock Hard in the Stars, Prince!

6 Jun

Gift Ideas for Dad!

Father’s Day is coming up! Stop by the store to get your Father’s Day Card and Gift! We have some great options and ideas. Check out some of our ideas here!

3 Jun

PRIDE Month at Kards Unlimited!

Pride Header

June is PRIDE Month! And we just want to let you know that we’ll be celebrating it ALL MONTH LONG.

Here at Kards, we love and sup­port (some of us even are part of) the LGBTQIA com­mu­ni­ty! You are ALWAYS wel­come here! In fact we would be sad and lone­ly with­out you!

Stop in the store to check out our PRIDE wall, some­thing we’ve been doing dur­ing June for a num­ber a years! We invite all our cus­tomers to tell us what makes them LOUD and PROUD! <3

Hap­py PRIDE! We sure hope your mon­th is full of love and joy so that you can renew your­self to keep fight­ing for JUSTICE FOR ALL!