So many delectable teas. Also a cute, fat teapot.

Tea Forte!

These days coffee seems to get all the attention, but if you're an avid (read: snooty) tea drinker like me, don't worry - we've got your back!  KU stocks a huge variety of teas and tea accessories from great companies like Tea Forte, whose loose leaf tea canisters come in difficult-to-describe, yet oh-so-delicious, flavors like Blueberry Merlot and African Solstice, which are both great choices for spring sipping. If loose leaf isn't your bag then try Tea Forte's silken diffusers - less mess, but just as much flavor. *And* they come in boxed assortments, so they make great gifts as well. My favorite is the Essential Greens collection, which features standards like Japanese Sencha and Jasmine Green, but offers a few unusual flavors too, including Lemon Sorbetti and Green Mango Peach.  Honestly, you can't go wrong with these teas. They're all incredible.

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