Aw yeah, stationeries. All of them.

Hello favorite people and welcome to KU's Cool Stuff Tuesday Stationery Show!  The National Stationery Show is currently happening at the Javits Convention Center in NYC and since most of you, my friends, aren't there, I figured I'd show you some of the things that are probably on display there!

We've already discussed at length my love of writing, so I don't feel the need to reiterate, but let me just say that I've used stationery from several of the brands here at the store and I love them all.  If you need note cards, look no further, people.

Without further ado, have a look at these Cool Stuffs.


Kodachrome Notes are a staff favorite.

Polaroid Notes and Kodachrome Notes are totally cool.  They're a really good shape, too.  Small and squareish for a quick note to a friend or family member.  "Hey, thanks for the bottle of wine!  It was great and I only got pulled over once!"  Or whatever.  Just kidding, don't drink and drive, kids.




Then there are the slightly larger and more formal cards, for slightly larger and more formal occasions.



Ok, maybe not Faerie Houses...

I'm not sure how or why, but flowers always seem to make things more formal.  Much more, "Dear Edgar, thank you so much for attending our little soiree the other night. Your joke about the hippies was so diverting!"  Or something.  Maybe not that stuffy.  Flowers don't necessarily say 'stuffy' to me...

Maybe you're into matching pens and note cards?  We have sweet rollerballs that I've mentioned before which have matching sets of note cards and/or stationery.  Behold!

p3 pens1

Pretty cool right? Right?

And then there's this!

p3 pens2

That's hot. Just sayin'.

And what would a stationery discussion be without fountain pens?  Nothing!  That's what it would be.


Oh so sexy.

I'm gonna stop now before I really get involved.  If you have any stationery questions, I'm here!


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