16 Apr

National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day!

You know what’s annoy­ing? Hav­ing to get dressed in the morn­ings. Pick­ing out clothes can be so ugh.


 Don’t feel like wear­ing this. I wore this two days ago, will any­one notice? Is that a stain? …Great.


Well. Today you don’t have to do that crap. It’s National Wear Your Paja­mas to Work Day! Bar­ring chang­ing your under­wear (always change your under­wear) you can roll right out of bed and into work, no problem.


Or. OR. You can even change into other paja­mas! The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less! And hope­fully your paja­mas won’t give HR too much of a headache. I mean, we’re fine with you going to work in a teddy, but you know, some peo­ple have sticks up their butts.


Any­who, are you so excited? WERE SO EXCITED! We’ve opened up the day for our employ­ees to wear their PJs to work so don’t call us slobs today, call us relaxed and pajama-ed.


15 Apr

Emma Watson turns 25!


Pretty AND Pow­er­ful. That’s how you do it.


HP and the Philosopher's Stone

HP and the Philosopher’s Stone

Just for per­spec­tive, Emma Wat­son was 11 when the first HP movie came out in 2001.

She was 21 when the final HP movie came out in 2011.

It has now been 4 years since then end of the Harry Pot­ter Movie magic.

And Emma Wat­son is now 25.

(Dear HP fans, do you feel old? I know I do.)

Per­son­ally, Emma Wat­son is kind of my hero. We all know that she’s a fan­tas­tic actor. And we all know that she never let fame go to her head. But Emma Wat­son has gone on to prove that she is actu­ally an amaz­ing and empow­ered woman who wants to make the world bet­ter for every­one! YAY!

I mean, if any of you DON’T know about #HeFor­She by now.…. well, you might want to con­sider catch­ing up.


Golden Globes 2015

Here are some super rad facts about Emma that will make you love her even more than you prob­a­bly do right now. 

–Early on in her role as Hermione, Emma was so deter­mined to rock it that she may.… have also mem­o­rized Harry and Ron’s lines. You can see her mouthing along with them in this (adorable but awk­ward) clip on youtube.

–Emma is a cer­ti­fied Yoga instruc­tor. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE.

–She jour­nals every night.

–Both of her par­ents are lawyers. Which is prob­a­bly why she is SO dang smart. You need a good brain on your head to get out of doing the dishes with two lawyers in the house. Not that she would really try and do that.

–She has a degree in Eng­lish Literature.

–She named her pet cats Bub­bles and Domino.

–Emma once missed an Oscars after-party because she fell asleep in her hotel room. When she woke up she decided to just order a pizza. No, this was not when she was 11. This was in 2014.


She’s super the best, right? Happy Birth­day, Emma! We’re so glad you’re you!


13 Apr

National Library Week 2015

I don’t know if you know this, but we love libraries. I mean, we love books, so of course we love giant build­ings that are ded­i­cated to pub­lic access to said books.

Now if you’re like me, you are in love with ALL librar­i­ans. My dream job, once upon a time, was to work in a library. And then I found a web­site called Librar­ian Prob­lems, where they basi­cally explain all the hor­ri­ble gross things that they have to deal with. That was the end of that dream. I super pre­fer to work here at this lit­tle book­store where I don’t need to tell peo­ple how to use a com­puter every five min­utes and deal with returned books that have uniden­ti­fied sticky on them…

But seri­ously, whether or not you your­self are a Librar­ian, you should check out Librar­ian Prob­lems. Here are some gems from the website:

A potty train­ing book comes back with water damage.


Some­one tries to enter the Rare Book room with a pen. withapen

A patron asks for help with the com­puter and then tells me I’m doing it wrong. NeverWrong

After han­dling a sticky book.stickybook

When some­one makes a fel­low Librar­ian cry.

When I see some­one dog-earring a page.


Check out even more amaz­ing Librar­ian Prob­lem posts HERE!

11 Apr

You Have Our Permission To Drop Everything And Read Tomorrow

If you’re like most of the peo­ple I know, you want to read more but can’t seem to find the time. Drop Every­thing and Read Day to the rescue!


The premise is sim­ple — stop what you’re doing and READ! Plan free time into tomor­row and feel no guilt let­ting those dirty dishes sit a lit­tle longer, or putting off your laun­dry for some time. Pay no mind to your phone and sim­ply sink into a good book. It can be hard to just be, but dammit, books are impor­tant! READING IS IMPORTANT!


So, if you hap­pen into our store tomor­row, you will find all of our employ­ees with their nose stuck in a book when they’re not help­ing cus­tomers. What could be bet­ter? Pop a squat on our couch, post up in Cof­fee Tree, or stay at home and enjoy your recre­ational read­ing time.

Chan­nel your inner Belle and get to readin’, fool!

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9 Apr

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about competitions, because you never knew what you were missing.

For­tu­nately, I am here to tell you all about it.  First and very much fore­most, there is such a thing in the world as the Amer­i­can Pie Coun­cil.  Yeah.  Just let that sink in for a minute.  Are you imag­in­ing the best gov­ern­ing body of any orga­ni­za­tion in the his­tory of the uni­verse?  Some­thing like the White Coun­cil of Deli­cious­ness?  Yes.  You are.

Is there a more beautiful sentence in English than "Pie buffet opens at 11 a.m.?"  I think not. I literally have tears in my eyes right now from the beauty.

Is there a more beau­ti­ful sen­tence in Eng­lish than “Pie buf­fet opens at 11 a.m.?” I think not. I lit­er­ally have tears in my eyes right now from the beauty.

And the Amer­i­can Pie Coun­cil holds, every year since 1995, the National Pie Cham­pi­onships!  Yes!  Lit­er­ally the best com­pe­ti­tion in the his­tory of the world!  The Tro­jan War?  Please!  The Sum­mer Olympics?  As if!  The Super­bowl?  Don’t make me laugh!  National.  Freak­ing.  Pie.  Cham­pi­onships.  That’s basi­cally all you need to know.

If I pray to any higher power it's to the god of pie.

If I pray to any higher power it’s to the god of pie.

So the National Pie Cham­pi­onships are on April 10th and 11th in Orlando, FL this year.  If you need me dur­ing those days, that’s where I’ll be.


'Nuff said.

Nuff said.

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6 Apr

Happy birthday, Paul Rudd! Appreciating a National treasure.

A good friend of mine once told me, “Paul Rudd is like ice cream.”  And he was not wrong.

Look at that freakin' beard.  Come on, man.

Look at that freakin’ beard. Come on, man.

On April 6, 1969, one of the fun­ni­est men of our times was born.  And his name is Paul Rudd.  You prob­a­bly know him from his roles in movies like Anchor­man and The 40 Year-Old Vir­gin.  My per­sonal favorite of his is prob­a­bly Role Mod­els.  But here’s an inter­est­ing thing about Paul Rudd: (And actu­ally about the whole cohort to which he belongs) he’s lit­er­ally been in every­thing.  

Remem­ber Clue­less?  (Lol, of course you do.)  He was Josh!

Step-brother/bf?  The 90s were weird, you guys.

Step-brother/bf? The 90s were weird, you guys.

Leo DiCaprio may have had the star­ring role in Romeo + Juliet, but Paul Rudd was there too!  As Paris!

Yes.  The man who brought you I Love You, Man is a Shakespearean actor.

Yes. The man who brought you I Love You, Man is a Shake­spearean actor.

Wet Hot Amer­i­can Sum­mer?  Don’t pre­tend you don’t love it.  And Paul’s char­ac­ter Andy kind of makes the film.

Oh man, jean jackets, you guys.

Oh man, jean jack­ets, you guys.

Oh hey, remem­ber when he was Phoebe’s hus­band Mike on Friends?  Yeah, that’s real life.

That's a project, right there.  And her name is Phoebe Buffay.

That’s a project, right there. And her name is Phoebe Buffay.

Basi­cally what I’m say­ing is that if you like any­thing in tele­vi­sion or film from the past, like, 20+ years, Paul Rudd (appar­ently) most likely had some­thing to do with it because he rocks.  Did I men­tion he’s also a writer/director/producer or that he’s hosted SNL 3 times?  Well I was try­ing to avoid mak­ing people’s heads explode.  Oh well.

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5 Apr

Happy Easter!

spring sunrise

Don’t you feel all warm and lovely just look­ing at it?

This time of year always makes me so HYPER. .… and I swear to Glob, it is not the choco­late or the jelly beans.
It’s the feel­ing of life flow­ing back into the earth, the warmth creep­ing back into the day, the sun shin­ing, the birds chirp­ing, the frosty morn­ings that melt with the sunshine.

When I was really lit­tle, (before I became a hea­then) my fam­ily used to go to a sun­rise Easter ser­vice every year. We would put on these amaz­ing lacy frilly, pink, blue and pur­ple dresses, and these adorable big floppy hats. You know, the quin­tes­sen­tial Easter out­fit. And we would wake up ridicu­lously early and head out into the chilly air to go to church.

I don’t remem­ber much about the ser­vices, but I do remem­ber the feel of the air on those morn­ings. There was always some­thing mag­i­cal about the way the cool air met the dawn light, and the sky lit up with rain­bow col­ors, that faded into a light blue sky. Sure, find­ing the Easter bas­ket was highly antic­i­pated, but that morn­ing sky was actu­ally my favorite.

So maybe you don’t cel­e­brate Easter, or maybe you do. Regard­less, I hope you have a moment to enjoy the warm spring air creep­ing back into your heart. Win­ter is over. The time of death and sleep and cold and dark has finally come to an end for the year. Embrace the new spring! Treat your­self to a cleans­ing shower and a new spring out­fit, and make sure to wake up and see the beau­ti­ful sun­rise this Easter Spring Season.

But also. Enjoy the choco­late bun­nies. But not too much. Veg­gie Tales will tell you all about it.

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3 Apr

April is Grilled Cheese Month!

If you Google ‘grilled cheese’ approx­i­mately one hun­dred mil­lion bajil­lion delight­ful images come up. Seriously.

LOOK AT THEM. Are you hungry yet?

LOOK AT THEM. Are you hun­gry yet?

Cheese and bread are my absolute two favorite things on earth (what up cho­les­terol, you can suck it because CHEESE). Put some but­ter on it and now you have Paula Dean involved, which is always tasty. Grilled cheese is absolutely delight­ful, and it’s so easy to make I’m not sure why I ever make any­thing else.

Ooh, tomatoes!

Ooh, toma­toes!

Grilled cheese has been around forev — think ancient Romans —  but it didn’t start to get pop­u­lar until the 1920s when processed slices of cheese and sliced bread became promi­nent. Once World War II was in full swing, so was the grilled cheese. It used to be just one slice of bread with cheese melted on top but it even­tu­ally mor­phed into the two slice sam­mie we all know and love today. I think it’s pos­si­ble to say cor­rectly that grilled cheese is the best thing since sliced bread. Eh? Eh?


Here's a scary child planning on devouring her grilled cheese.

Here’s a scary child plan­ning on mur­der­ously devour­ing her grilled cheese.

So, in con­clu­sion, grilled cheese is

  • The best thing ever
  • So easy to make
  • Also easy to have your burner up too high and to burn the shit out of
  • Not healthy in any way
This is a baked potato grilled cheese. *Dying*

This is a baked potato grilled cheese. *Dying*