26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a Drinking Game for Your 21+ Family Members!

It’s that time of year again… Thanks­giv­ing time! If you and your fam­ily are fun (we know you are!) here’s a drink­ing game to make things more inter­est­ing this fam­ily gathering!Thanksgiving Drinking Game Image

25 Nov

Advent begins in 4 days!

Advent. It is the BEST. We love it. We have all the sup­plies you need for an AMAZING ADVENT! Look! All the Advent Cal­en­dars! Big ones! Small ones! Ones with Kit­tens!!! Oh, and of course, Baby Jesus. We do also have Baby Jesus.



I’m hop­ing you’ll believe me when I say that we have the BEST selec­tion of Advent Cal­en­dars in town. I mean, Santa is watch­ing me, so I wouldn’t lie.

There is, of course, some­thing just so very fun about find­ing secrets and stick­ers behind lit­tle paper doors. But that’s just the foun­da­tion of fun that Advent offers.

The whole point of Advent is to GET EXCITED! Some­thing big and won­der­ful is on it’s way! For some, the big won­der­ful thing is the birth of Jesus. For oth­ers, it’s that time spent with fam­ily around a Christ­mas tree open­ing presents and sip­ping hot choco­late. Some are just excited that the end of Win­ter has begun and Spring is on it’s way. There are so many rea­sons to get excited about the holidays.

We all know that time moves strangely dur­ing the hol­i­days. You’re so busy wrap­ping and writ­ing and buy­ing and cook­ing that the whole of Decem­ber flies by and sud­denly you’re pick­ing up  the torn wrap­ping paper from the floor the day after Christ­mas and won­der­ing where the time went.

That, my dears, is why we have Advent. Advent is all about spend­ing some time in the present moment and just let­ting all the excite­ment build in your spirit! It’s about get­ting your mind ready to party! It’s about wait­ing and wish­ing and hop­ing and ANTICIPATION!!

Every day you open one of those lit­tle boxes, you get to spend one minute just being VERY VERY EXCITED! For­get about the stress of the hol­i­day for a minute every day. Whether you do it with kit­ten stick­ers, with the cast of Frozen or with pic­turesque scenes of the holy night when Jesus was born, we have the per­fect cal­en­dar for you.

Get ‘em while they last!
Have a happy Advent!

24 Nov

It’s National Game and Puzzle Week!

If you’re look­ing around your apart­ment won­der­ing to your­self, “Hey! Where are all of my fun games and puz­zles?” and you sadly real­ize you have none, it’s okay. We can help with that. This hol­i­day sea­son we have a ton of really awe­some games and puz­zles. Don’t believe me? How dare you. Read on to see what we’ve got! Yay!


Dr. Who Games

Doc­tor Who Clue, Risk, Yahtzee and Triv­ial Pursuit

Firefly Games

Fire­fly Yahtzee, Clue and Monopoly

Game of Thrones Games (1)

Game of Thrones Risk and Monopoly

Supernatural Games

Super­nat­ural Ouija and Clue

Walking Dead Games

The Walk­ing Dead Yahtzee and Risk


23 Nov

Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

One of my favorite Christ­mases of all time was when my dear mother found out I liked Doc­tor Who. That Christ­mas every sin­gle gift was Doc­tor Who related. I got mugs, and t-shirts and books and DVDs and all of it was Doc­tor Who. All of it.

If you’re shop­ping for some­one like me, some­one who loves all things Doc­tor Who, we’ve got you cov­ered. We have every­thing from stock­ing stuffers to seri­ous tell-them-you-love them gifts, all themed around the infa­mous Doc­tor. Check it out!

If you’re not entirely sure what kind of gifts to get, you can always keep things simple(but still fun!) with any of these mugs or glasses! Seri­ously, who wouldn’t want a mug with a dis­ap­pear­ing Tardis or a pint glass with a Dalek?!?dwmugs

Does your whov­ian hate being cold or wet? We can help with our Tardis or this umbrella that’s def­i­nitely big­ger on the inside.umbrellafulll

If you hap­pen to know their t shirt size, we have some options!tshirts

Maybe your Whov­ian love to read! We have a num­ber of Dr. Who books, includ­ing the incred­i­ble gor­geous Dr. Who Vault book. Seri­ously, it is so amazing.dwbooks

Still not sure what the best gift would be? Get­ting a gift card to our store is totally not a cop-out, espe­cially if you give it to them in one of these amaz­ing Dr. Who cards.DWcards

Good luck hunt­ing, guys!

21 Nov

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Boxed Christmas card time!

Now is the absolute best time to buy your box cards, and you should get ‘em before the eggs get nogged. Mean­ing, before the best ones are gone!

Whether you’ve been send­ing hol­i­day cards out for decades or are new to this whole busi­ness, we’re here for you! We have a ton of beau­ti­ful boxed hol­i­day and Christ­mas cards to make your sea­son merry and bright. Plus, it’s fun to send snail mail to the peo­ple you love who are far away. Yes, your love can fit into an envelope!

Birds wear­ing hats is the absolute cutest route you can go. And we have a bunch to choose from. So cute. So cuddly.

Birds Wearing Hats

If you’d like the pro­ceeds fro your pur­chase to go to a wor­thy cause, look no fur­ther! Sierra Club, Good Cause Greet­ings, and Unicef cards all get the job done, and quite beautifully.

Sierra Club

Sierra Club

Good Cause Greetings

Good Cause Greetings



If you’re into reli­gious scenes, here are a few to choose from! The Lion and the Lamb design is adorable.

Religious Varities

If you want to impress your hip­ster friends and rel­a­tives, Edward Gorey is the way to go. Just the right amount of quirk.


Hark! The her­ald angels sing…” An angel motif is great for hol­i­day cards!


If your deal is joy, and joy to the world, we hear that!


We have a ton more designs of boxed cards and you should get your­self in here while the get­tin is still good (and there’s still ample time to get these in the mail!)

19 Nov

Gifts for the literary loving people in your life

If there’s one thing we love here at Kards Unlim­ited more than any­thing else, it just might be books and lit­er­a­ture. And we are far from alone in that! Here’s an over­whelm­ing list of all of the cool lit­er­ary stuff we have this year!

First up, Harry Potter!

J.K Rowling: A Bibliography, Illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Assorted Hogwarts House scarves and hats, Harry Potter glasses, and Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

J.K Rowl­ing: A Bib­li­og­ra­phy, Illus­trated Harry Pot­ter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Assorted Hog­warts House scarves and hats, Harry Pot­ter glasses, and Harry Pot­ter Triv­ial Pursuit

A boxed set of the books because WHY NOT

A boxed set of the books because WHY NOT


Harry Pot­ter Char­ac­ter Vault, Hog­warts house ties, and the Hog­warts Library

Game of Thrones next!

GoT IMAG1748

Game of Thrones Risk and Monopoly

GoT IMAG1755

Game of Thrones Orna­ments, and a Dire­wolf mug

GoT IMAG1754

Dan­ger­ous Women, Game of Thrones lunch­box, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Books in gen­eral are good, too!

Book IMAG1766

1001 Books to Read Before You Die and CLOTH COVERED BOOKS!

Book IMAG1759

Lit­er­ary Tat­toos, Shakespeare’s Insults, Novel Cure, Novel Des­ti­na­tions, Pre­sent­ing Shake­speare 1,000 Posters from Around the World, Best Amer­i­can Short Sto­ries 2015, and Dear Luke We Need to Talk

Book IMAG1764

Illus­trated Peter Pan, and Illus­trated Secret Garden

Prac­ti­cal lit­er­ary gifts

Practical IMAG1771

Poe mug, Jane Austen mug, Von­negut mug, Twain mug, Great­est first lines of lit­er­a­ture mug, and Shakespeare’s insults mug.

Practical IMAG1769

Read a book in one year page a day cal­en­dars, book­marks, per­sonal library kit

Practical IMAG1768

Locally made North Ave. can­dles in deli­cious scents

Just for fun!


All the Shake­speare things!

Fun IMAG1777

Oscar Wilde and Charles Dick­ens Actions fig­ures, Bar Hum­bug bar


All the Jane Austen things!


All the Poe things!

Wear­able lit­er­a­ture themed t’s!







Gifts for your the literary loving people in your life

17 Nov

A Natural History of Bread

The Cereals...i.e. how we make such delicious bread!

The Cereals…i.e. how we make such deli­cious bread!

Home­made Bread Day is nation­ally cel­e­brated on Novem­ber 17.  To cel­e­brate, I’m going to run you through a quick nat­ural his­tory of bread!  For thou­sands of years, bak­ing fresh bread was part of people’s daily rou­tines.  Bread is one of the old­est pre­pared foods dat­ing back to the Neolithic era.  

Bread bakers!

Bread bak­ers!


The Neolithic era was when peo­ple switched from nomadic hunter-gatherers and pas­toral­ists to farm­ers.  This greatly encour­aged set­tle­ment growth, increas­ing the need to tend crops, which required local­ized dwellings that led to farm­ing towns, larger cities, and domes­ti­cated ani­mals.  By liv­ing in per­ma­nent or sea­son­ally inhab­ited set­tle­ments, they pro­duced sur­plus crops.  These extra crops could be stored for use dur­ing lean sea­sons or traded for lux­ury items.

Neolithic farming

Neolithic farm­ing

Agrar­ian soci­eties proved suc­cess­ful.  Soci­eties were able to expand their ter­ri­to­ries.  Farm­ing was lim­ited to a nar­row range of plants such as wheat, mil­let, and spelt.  This was a sig­nif­i­cant shift from a var­ied diet to reliance on starch and plant pro­tein.  Did you know col­lo­qui­ally bread is known as the “staff of life?”  Well it is!  Which just proves how impor­tant bread has been in cul­tural progress.

Let’s jump for­ward 30,000 years….

Chorleywood Breadmaking Process...simplified!

Chor­ley­wood Bread­mak­ing Process…simplified!

…to 1961 when the Chor­ley­wood bread process was devel­oped.  This process involves an intense mechan­i­cal work­ing of the dough to dra­mat­i­cally reduce the fer­men­ta­tion period and the time taken to make a loaf.  Nor­mally, this is what fac­to­ries use to mass pro­duce bread.  Cheap and quick, just like Amer­i­cans like.  I mean, we can’t be both­ered to make our own bread…._53268757_breadmaking

…Enter the bread­mak­ing machine.  Bread­mak­ers were invented in 1986 in Japan and the pop­u­lar­ity caught on world­wide.  Bread­mak­ers and appli­ances have taken almost all the effort out of bak­ing, yet no one makes their own bread.  It’s truly a shame.  Home baked bread is not only health­ier, the smell of bak­ing bread is mag­i­cal, and the qual­ity is undis­puted.  It is higher in fiber, lower in salt and addi­tives, and all recipes can be mod­i­fied to suit one’s preferences.

The bread overlords will take over! With their delicious gluten!

The bread over­lords will take over if you don’t start mak­ing your own bread! With their deli­cious gluten!

So go forth!  Bake some bread!  

We sell these! Show the world how much you love bread! And how unafraid of gluten you are!

We sell these! Show the world how much you love bread! And how unafraid of gluten you are!

Bread is even sexier when you bake it yourself!

Bread is even sex­ier when you bake it yourself!

16 Nov

November Book Club Wrap-up: Lolita

bookclubipicDear­est Book Club­bers!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for join­ing us for November’s Book Club & Pizza Party!

If you couldn’t make it, you missed out, guys. There was Pizza. And there were cook­ies and cider. But most impor­tantly, we had a fan­tas­tic dis­cus­sion about November’s book, Lolita!

Peo­ple had a lot to say about Lolita. Good things, bad things, uncom­fort­able things, thought­ful things. Just a lot of things. With a book as con­tro­ver­sial as Lolita, we expected as much, but it was really fun to see it in action.

The over­all con­clud­ing opin­ion was gen­er­ally this: Those who fin­ished the book might have liked it or not liked it, but they were glad they had pushed through and read it. There are a mul­ti­tude of ref­er­ences made to the book in mod­ern media, and once you’ve read the book you get to feel smart and clever when you’re able to pick up on them. We like feel­ing clever.

pizzaIn addi­tion to reg­u­lar book club, we were hav­ing a pizza party to cel­e­brate the end of #KUBanned­BookIt! We had a num­ber of play­ers, and two play­ers in par­tic­u­lar were fight­ing hard for first place by read­ing as many books as pos­si­ble dur­ing the month long con­test.
@Silversunlight almost had it by read­ing 13 banned books! But she was ousted by @AKMerti who read SEVENTEEN banned books!!!! In a lit­tle over a month! Yeah, Gurl! @AKMerti won a $50 gift cer­tifi­cate to Kards for being the per­son who read the MOST books! The sec­ond $50 gift Cer­tifi­cate went to a ran­dom player, cho­sen by fate to win: Denise Williams! Con­grats guys!

winnersrealOur next book con­test will be start­ing up around Feb­ru­ary of March! We’ll be putting together a BOOK MARCH MADNESS! So stay tuned for your next chance to win money by read­ing books. :)
The next Book Club will be on Jan­u­ary 10th! We’ll be dis­cussing Swamp­lan­dia! by Karen Rus­sell. Make sure you fol­low KU’s Book Club on Face­book to get updates about book club and some super rad trivia about books!

In the mean­time, have a won­der­ful Holiday!

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