1 Jun

June 2019 Events!

Welcome June! Summer is just days away! We have plenty of fun things to tell you about, like National Moonshine Day, Corn on the Cob Day and International Sushi Day! To find out when to plan your parties, keep reading!

29 Apr

May 2019 Events!

Maypoles honestly confuse the bejeezus out of me. I don't understand how they work, even though it seems like it must be very simple...

Hey guys! Happy May! This month is full to bursting with all kinds of awesome events and celebrations! Click READ MORE to find out what will be going on at Kards Unlimited!

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23 Apr

Storytime with Blair and Fred Weasley (the dog)

In honor of Children's Book Week, join us for a super fun, in-store storytime! Blair will be reading her favorite picture book and Fred Weasley (the dog) will be available for scritches, cuddles and kisses.

he is cheezeburger

Bring a pillow or a stuffie to cuddle with!

Come early or stay after to take a photo in our super fun Dr. Seuss Photo booth and tell us what your favorite picture book is!

1 Apr

April 2019 Holidays and Events

  1. Have you started your seeds yet? No? Well, you're doomed then.
  2. Why does time move faster when you're a grownup and actually need to use all of the time?
  3. It's April. WTF.
  4. Keep reading for FUN HOLIDAYZ IN APRIL!
1 Mar

March 2019 Events

Talk about IN LIKE A LION! February wasn't even over yet when March's roar came whippin' all of the power lines down! But it's cool, we survived so far, and that's good because there's a bunch of stuff happening this month: It's Women's History Month, and then there's Mardi Gras (March 5), Captain Marvel hits theaters (March 8), Pi Day(...do I really have to tell you? FINE March 14), Won't You Be My Neighbor Day(March 20), National Chip and Dip Day(March 23)... and that's not even including birthdays! Remus Lupin(March 10), RBG(March 15) and Lady Gaga(March 29) are just some of the birthdays we're celebrating this month! Want more? Keep Reading!!!