30 May

June 2015 Calendar of Events

Wel­come sum­mer! June is an excit­ing twelfth of the year. It’s full of things we love – gay pride, iced tea, Richard Scarry, gay pride, dough­nuts, jug­gling, sun­shine, gay pride… Do we have your atten­tion? I thought we might. Click through to see all of the rea­sons you should be cel­e­brat­ing this fine June!

June 2015 Calendar of Events! (1)

These are the June KU Cards you can get to send to your awe­some friends :)

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29 May

Summer Reading Bingo!

Guys! It’s time for SUMMER READING. Are you excited? Because we’ve been overly excited for like months now and it’s FINALLY TIME.

That book knows to pro­tect its eyes from the sum­mer sun.…

We have some super rad dis­plays up in the store to help you choose your sum­mer read­ing lists. Specif­i­cally, every­one who works here has a shelf of must read books, and you should read them all.


Every­one loves to win!


Addi­tion­ally, we are RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW announc­ing our SUMMER READING CONTEST
That’s right! Because we freak­ing love books, we’ve decided to make a game out of sum­mer read­ing! Join us for an epic game of Sum­mer Read­ing Bingo! There are prizes! 

So here’s all the info you need on our Sum­mer Book Bingo! JOIN US


Click on me to down­load your very own bingo sheet!

Cross­ing off squares!
Read a book that counts for the square you’d like to com­plete. (or, do the action it requires)
When you are fin­ished with a book, post a pic­ture of your book (or open kin­dle) on Face­book and tag us! make sure you tell us which square you’re cross­ing off. Only one square per book, please!
Each time you cross off a square you will get one raf­fle entry. So, the more you cross off, the bet­ter chance you have to win an amaz­ing prize!

When you get Bingo, (5 squares ver­ti­cal, hor­i­zon­tal or diag­o­nal) you’ll win a 10% off coupon for one item of your choice! Make sure you’re keep­ing track at home. Just like in real bingo, you have to tell us you have a bingo in order to win. We’ll be keep­ing track of your squares and will dou­ble check when you say ‘BINGO!’ on your Face­book or Insta­gram. (make sure you tag us, though. don’t be shout­ing into the inter­net ran­domly! we might miss it.)


The Rules and stuff

–One square per book! Yes, we know that some books are clas­sic fic­tion AND Pulitzer prize win­ners. but you have to read TWO books to cross of both squares.
–You have to post on Face­book or Insta­gram, tag us, and include #KUBook­Bingo to get credit for your squares. Please take a pic­ture of your book, post on Face­book or Insta­gram, tag Kards Unlim­ited, and make sure to say which square you’re cross­ing off. Also, if you have a bingo, Say it LOUDHere is an exam­ple: (pretty pic­ture of the book The Handmaid’s Tale) Just fin­ished read­ing The Handmaid’s Tale for @Kards Unlim­ited sum­mer read­ing bingo! I’ve just crossed off the Banned Book square! #KUBook­Bingo
–You have to post BINGO to get a bingo! While we’ll be keep­ing track of your squares, you have to say it to win it! Just post on FB or Insta­gram that you’ve got­ten a sum­mer read­ing bingo and make sure to tag us! We’ll get in touch with you to get you your coupon.

The Squares:

Spe­cialty squares: 
Fol­low us on Face­book or Twit­ter: This one’s really easy! Just hit the ‘fol­low’ but­ton’! If you already fol­low us, just tag us in a sta­tus or pic­ture to get these squares crossed off.
Book Club: We read a new book every month at KU book club. Join us at one of our meet­ings to cross off this square. To keep track of what we’re read­ing and when we meet, fol­low Kards Unlim­ited Book Club on Face­book.
Free-Spot. Clearly, this means this spot is already x-ed off for you…. But if you want to read a book for this square any­way, we sure won’t stop you.
Our Choice: Stop by the store or send us a mes­sage, and we will give you a ran­dom book sug­ges­tion or two! Don’t worry, we’ll be nice. Except for Adam. He’ll prob­a­bly give you a chal­lenge. #wor­thit
KU Employee Favorite: Check out our web­site or come by the store to see what our favorite sum­mer reads are. We’ll even have a handy shelf full of them in the store.
Fol­low us on Insta­gram: Same as Face­book and Twit­ter square, except it’s Instagram!

Reg­u­lar book squares:
Banned Book: Read a book that has been banned!
Start a Series: Read the first book in a series you’ve been look­ing to read!
Mys­tery: Read a book that is clas­si­fied as a mys­tery!
Short Sto­ries: Read a short story anthol­ogy!
Sci­ence Fic­tion: Read a book clas­si­fied as Sci­ence Fic­tion.
Hor­ror: Read a book from the hor­ror genre
Graphic Novel: Read a Graphic Novel. We have plenty of sug­ges­tions.
Pulitzer Prize: Read a book that has won a Pulitzer.
(Auto)Biography: Read about someone’s life!
Re-read your old Favorite: do you remem­ber a book that you read when you were young and loved? It’s time to dust it off and revisit it!
Oprah Book Club: Read one of Oprah’s cho­sen ones.
Clas­sic Fic­tion: Pick up a clas­sic. You know the one. The one you’ve been putting off for ages. That one.
Inter­na­tional Author: Read a book by some­one who is not Amer­i­can! Bonus points if it’s in a dif­fer­ent lan­guage.
Your Choice: Read any­thing you want, yo.
Fan­tasy: Read a book from the Fan­tasy genre.
Young Adult: Read a Young Adult book.
Non-Fiction: Read a book about real life and stuff. Whether it’s another biog­ra­phy or a car man­ual, we don’t care, just keep read­ing!
New Author: Read an author you’ve never read before!
Book that is a film: Read a book that they have made into a movie. No cheat­ing and just watch­ing the film. That would be wrong.

Good Luck! May your bed­side table lamp ever shine in your favor.


28 May

Take some time and go to the park, it’s Sierra Club Day!

sierra club x2

So the Sierra Club, if you don’t already know, was founded on May 28th, 1892 by this totally rad guy named John Muir.  Even then, America’s wild places were start­ing to be gob­bled up in the wake of rapidly expand­ing pop­u­la­tions and indus­tri­al­iza­tion.  John, as you might imag­ine, was not in favor of that.  So, with the help of other nat­u­ral­ists, artists, and a bunch of other peo­ple, Muir founded the Sierra Club with a mission,

To explore, enjoy, and pro­tect the wild places of the earth; To prac­tice and pro­mote the respon­si­ble use of the earth’s ecosys­tems and resources; To edu­cate and enlist human­ity to pro­tect and restore the qual­ity of the nat­ural and human envi­ron­ment; and to use all law­ful means to carry out these objectives.”

And the Sierra Club has been pro­tect­ing the envi­ron­ment ever since.  Now, I’m not here to tell you to become a mem­ber or even to try and con­vince you to help save the Earth.  Hope­fully, you already do as much as you can of that on your own.  All I’m try­ing to do here is acknowl­edge the great con­tri­bu­tion John Muir made to the envi­ron­men­tal cause and cel­e­brate the Sierra Club’s awe­some­ness in pro­tect­ing and nur­tur­ing our world.  You go, guys!  Thanks!

So stately.  He's thinking deep, conservationy thoughts, I bet.

So stately. He’s think­ing deep, con­ser­va­tiony thoughts, I bet.


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25 May

Happy Memorial Day!

Memo­r­ial day is a two pronged hol­i­day. You’ve got your patriotic-honor-those-who-have-died-for-our-country side, and the IT’S-FINALLY-SUMMER side. While the spirit of each is quite dif­fer­ent, Memo­r­ial Day serves as an impor­tant day for America.

Memorial Day 4

It does a body and mind good to take a moment to be thank­ful for the peo­ple who have given their lives for this coun­try. That’s huge.

Memorial Day 1

It takes a lot of courage to serve for your coun­try and do it self­lessly, and for that, I’m ever thankful.

Memorial Day 2

Memo­r­ial Day is a great day to get together with your fam­ily and friends to appre­ci­ate your free­dom. Can’t hurt to have some deli­cious food and drink, either.

Memorial Day 3

No, these are not french fries, THEY ARE FREEDOM FRIES

Memorial Day 5

Burg­ers and dogs COMINRIGHT UP.

Memorial Day 6

Insert­ing into face­hole in 3… 2… 1…

No BBQ is complete without patriotic punch!

No BBQ is com­plete with­out patri­otic punch!

Here’s a com­pli­men­tary Hulk Hogan being Amer­i­can gif:

Memorial Day 8




23 May

Grab your Lightsaber, your Phaser, your Ring of Power, and/or your Towel, because it’s Geek Pride Day on the 25th!

Aw yiss.  So proud.

Aw yiss. So proud.

So as a Geek, I under­stand the need for Geek Pride Day (May 25th every year.  To com­mem­o­rate the release of Star Wars, obvi­ously.)  There’s a weird stigma asso­ci­ated with being a geek.  And while there’s room for a ton of dis­cus­sion about where that comes from and while said dis­cus­sion and inves­ti­ga­tion would be totally fas­ci­nat­ing (geek alert), I’m going to go ahead and wildly over­sim­plify and say that what it really comes down to is a 1950s-style rejec­tion of book­ish­ness.  So it’s impor­tant, even in this geek-forward era, to cel­e­brate all the obscure cul­tural touch­stones and unusual obses­sions that make us who we are.

Man, speaking of Geeks...

Man, speak­ing of Geeks…

For what­ever rea­son (for a bunch of rea­sons, actu­ally), there’s some­thing about the pale, bespec­ta­cled geek image that some peo­ple really abhor.  This is sad for them, because some of the best peo­ple I have ever met have been pale and bespec­ta­cled.  And while their inter­ests may not have been the same, the tan, Lacoste-wearing, country-clubbing set who (prover­bially) abhor them are just as geeky.  They’re just geeky about dif­fer­ent things, like ten­nis and sail­ing and football.

That’s kind of the thing about being a geek: almost every­one is one about some­thing.  All of us have things that we’re inter­ested in and pas­sion­ate about.  That’s all being a geek is, really.  So whether you’re a clas­si­cal, comics-toting, computer-screen-in-the-dark-reading geek or an unusual, out­doorsy, sports-oriented geek, or some unholy com­bi­na­tion of the two or any of the myr­iad oth­ers, be proud today and every day!  Geek Pride!  Woo!

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20 May

KU Book Club Prep: A P.G. Wodehouse Primer!


I can hear it from here!  All of you out there say­ing, “My good­ness, Adam, there are so many P.G. Wode­house books at KU, how did you pick just one to read for book club?!  And, more impor­tantly, how should I choose some of them to read this sum­mer, since they are great for sum­mer read­ing and are the fun­ni­est books ever?!”  Firstly, let me say that you are very verbose.

Sec­ondly, yes, it can be dif­fi­cult to know where to begin with Wode­house (that’s wood-house, p.s., not woad-house) but the truth is that you can start any­where you like.  Wodehouse’s books are usu­ally short story col­lec­tions and while there are over-arching plot lines, he’s very good at fill­ing his read­ers in on what they need to know for the present moment.  Most of the Wode­house books we carry (he wrote over 100!) come from two main sto­ry­lines, Jeeves and Wooster and Bland­ings Cas­tle.

Jeeves and Wooster is about wealthy and scat­ter­brained Bertie Wooster, the unfor­tu­nate sit­u­a­tions he and his friends get into, and how his inge­nious valet, Jeeves, extri­cates him from them.  If you’re a stick­ler for chronol­ogy, the first three books pub­lished were My Man Jeeves in 1919, The Inim­itable Jeeves in 1923, and Carry On, Jeeves in 1925.  Carry On, Jeeves con­tains the story Jeeves Takes Charge which is about how Jeeves came to work for Bertie in the first place, so from a nar­ra­tive per­spec­tive, it’s a good place to start and that’s why we chose it from the oth­ers for a book club selec­tion.  Other great J&W books include Right Ho, Jeeves and Mat­ing Sea­son.

Bland­ings Cas­tle is con­cerned with Lord Emsworth and the res­i­dents of Bland­ings Cas­tle, who also get them­selves into unfor­tu­nate and hilar­i­ous sit­u­a­tions.  The first BC book is Some­thing Fresh (1915), but we rec­om­mend start­ing with Heavy Weather or Lord Emsworth and Oth­ers.  One of Wodehouse’s most beloved char­ac­ters is Psmith (the P is silent, as in pshrimp) and he is part of the BC series.  His first book is Psmith in the City, but we love Leave it to Psmith the best.

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18 May

May Book Club Wrap-up

Kards Unlim­ited Book Club got together to talk about Star­dust, by Neil Gaiman. We hit on a vari­ety of top­ics: how the book com­pared to the movie, how it com­pared to Gaiman’s other works, how much we love Gaiman in gen­eral, and how much some of us can’t wait to read it to our lit­tle ones. Yeah, we know, there are swear words, but that’s what white-out is for.

Over­all, this month’s book club was fun and DELICIOUS. One of our lovely staff mem­bers (her name is Peanut, and every­one shall call her Peanut) decided to get super cre­ative and made a tres leches mango cake with a beau­ti­ful mango star design on it.
No, we didn’t take pic­tures. and no, we didn’t save you any.
We also had star cook­ies and, of course, cold cider and beer. What would book club be with­out refreshment?


Carry On, Jeeves

Next month, KU book club will be read­ing P.G. Wodehouse’s Carry On, Jeeves. We’ll be meet­ing on June 28th at 6pm with cold cider and prob­a­bly some sort of tea and crum­pets. Scones per­haps. scones are nice.

Carry On, Jeeves is a col­lec­tion of 10 short sto­ries about Wooster and his but­ler, Jeeves. It is full of humor. The British sort. If you’ve ever seen Hugh Lau­rie and Stephen Fry in Jeeves and Wooster, then you know what you’re in for. If you haven’t.… well, read the book first and then we’ll have a marathon.

Here’s a snip­pet for you:

“Don’t leave me, Bertie. I’m lost.“
“What do you mean, lost?“
“I came out for a walk and sud­denly dis­cov­ered after a mile or two that I didn’t know where on earth I was. I’ve been wan­der­ing round in cir­cles for hours.“
“Why didn’t you ask the way?“
“I can’t speak a word of French.“
“Well, why didn’t you call a taxi?“
“I sud­denly dis­cov­ered I’d left all my money at my hotel.“
“You could have taken a cab and paid it when you got to the hotel.“
“Yes, but I sud­denly dis­cov­ered, dash it, that I’d for­got­ten its name.“
And there in a nut­shell you have Charles Edward Bif­fen. As vague and woollen-headed a blighter as ever bit a sandwich.

P.S.!!!! We started a Face­book page JUST for our lovely book club­bers! Fol­low it for updates on books, times, and heated debates. And prob­a­bly a lot of hilar­ity, generally. 

P.P.S.!!! We gave our book club atten­dees an inside scoop on our upcom­ing SUMMER READING BINGO, which will be fan­tas­tic and fun and there will be prizes and com­pe­ti­tion and most impor­tantly, BOOKS! keep check­ing your media out­lets for the big announce­ment! We’re on Face­book, Twit­ter, Insta­gram and in your e-mail

P.P.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS ALMOST AS MUCH AS WE LOVE BOOKS! also shout­ing. we love shouting. 


Yes. All of those books are Wode­house. And in our store. Did I men­tion we love Wodehouse?

See you all at Book Club!

15 May

Raison d’etre: An Acknowledgement

Happy birthday to all and to all a good night!

Happy birth­day to all and to all a good night!

We all love Kards Unlim­ited.  I do.  I know you do.  Pretty much every­one who expe­ri­ences us loves us.  Because, let’s not mince words, the store rocks.  It’s the best place to be.  Period.  So, on her birth­day, I want to thank (blame?) the party respon­si­ble, our boss, Kris­ten Kershner.

Work­ing at KU attracts a cer­tain type of per­son.  We don’t take our­selves too seri­ously.  We’re fun-loving.  We’re smart.  We rel­ish a good book (and some bad books.)  We also rel­ish cham­pagne (with one or two notable excep­tions.)  To vary­ing degrees we exhibit a charm­ing blend of sweet and tart.  And we are fam­ily.  I don’t know where I’ll be in twenty (or even ten or even five) years, but if or when my time at KU is done, I know that I will never for­get it.  I know that every job I ever have will be mea­sured against my time here and prob­a­bly found want­ing in at least one aspect.  All of these are a reflec­tion of Kristen.

I’m going to stop writ­ing now in favor of going in to work early to hang out with the birth­day girl a bit.  Happy birth­day, Lady.  Many happy returns.  And thank you for everything.


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