12 Feb

Have you seen the Deadpool movie yet?

I mean it hit the­aters TODAY. So like you should have seen it by now.

I mean. I haven’t seen it yet. But every­one who lives with me has. They went to the mid­night show­ing or what­ever. AND THEY DIDN’T TAKE ME WITH THEM.
What. Jerks.
I mean. I love you guys, room­mates. I HOPE YOU HAD FUN AT YOUR MOVIE NIGHT THING. I hope you didn’t choke on your pop­corn.
Sin­cerely. I hope that.


dead3No. don’t fin­ish your text.

10 Feb

Top 5 Gifts to Get Some Lovin’

So, you want some lovin’? And lovin’, I don’t mean just a hug. With Valentine’s Day around the cor­ner, there’s pres­sure to get choco­late and flow­ers. These aren’t bad, but if you want some­thing more orig­i­nal, you are in luck: Kards Unlim­ited is here to help. 

(also, if you are read­ing this and it’s not close to Valentine’s Day, that’s OK: it’s always nice to add some lovin’ to your life)

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.12.40 PMShower Bursts

Noth­ing is bet­ter when get­tin’ some lovin’ than when every­one involved smells like heaven. That’s why KU rec­om­mends shower bursts, found just to the left of the counter when you walk into the store. Small, cute, wrapped in shiny paper, these shower bursts are sim­ple to use and yet highly effec­tive. Unwrap, put on the edge of the tub while in the shower, and these soaps will fill the air and your skin with the smells of laven­der, tea tree, herbs and more herbs. Each color helps with a spe­cific area, such as stress, headache, etc. So buy a shower burst spe­cific to your loved one and not only will every­one smell great, but they will also be happy you thought of them. And, you know, you are sure to get some lovin’ if you smell like heaven. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.09.59 PMCan­dles

After you step out the shower smelling deli­cious, you are going to want some good light­ing. Good light­ing that will flat­ter the entire body is low light­ing to no light­ing with a hint of orange. What pro­vides this kind of light­ing? Can­dles. Here at KU, we sell a plethora of nice, sturdy can­dles with nice col­ors. Can­dles are great because they’ve been around for­ever. Look up pic­tures and paint­ings from the past and what do you see? Can­dles. If you buy a can­dle, it’s like you’re say­ing I’ve loved you to the Egypt­ian days and back. That’s a long time to love some­one.

365 posi­tions

Are you ever in the bed­room and get a bit bored with how repet­i­tive … It… has become? This small book not only can fix this bore­dom, but also gives a cou­ple or mul­ti­ple peo­ple some­thing to look for­ward to each day by pro­vid­ing a dif­fer­ent posi­tion each day. This book could bring a flame back into an old rela­tion­ship or really rocket off a new one.sexTry strange posi­tions, try dan­ger­ous posi­tions, try fun posi­tions. Given as a gift (wouldn’t rec­om­mend for just a crush, unless you really want to be bold) this can show your own com­mit­ment for chang­ing things up, which is sure to bring a smile.

Card Vouch­ers

Have you ever been the recip­i­ent or maker of card vouch­ers? Where, because you have no money, you draw up card vouch­ers with say­ings with how you will do cer­tain tasks for them or favors, such as win an argu­ment, or this time you’ll do the laun­dry. For me, I once received card vouch­ers from a friend but never used them because the cards were made from cheap paper and ended up crum­pled and ripped. At Kards Unlim­ited, we sell the good kind. Card Vouch­ers for Lovers is a small book­let with beau­ti­ful qual­ity paper. voucherThe sug­ges­tions, because they are writ­ten by an out­sider, are even bet­ter for a rela­tion­ship because they are ideas you might not have thought of. So try it out! Also, in case you were won­der­ing about expi­ra­tion dates, the cards are valid unless some­thing occurs to the rela­tion­ship. A nice add on to avoid awk­ward­ness.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.04.54 PMAny Anne Rice Book

If you want to get some lovin’ and feel­ing a bit dar­ing, I rec­om­mend Anne Rice’s lit­er­a­ture to read aloud in bed to your sig­nif­i­cant other. Her writ­ing is some­times unin­ten­tion­ally hilar­i­ous (add on: drink when­ever she writes “blushes”) but it also makes 50 Shades of Grey look like it was writ­ten for kids. Cringe-outwardly, but her tales rang­ing from vam­pires to twists on clas­sic fairy tales will suck you in and leave you want­ing more. Read­ing aloud with a sig­nif­i­cant other can make the sexy moments funny, give great ideas for role-play after­wards, and can become a fun con­test in who can be more cre­ative with com­ing up with mem­o­rable voices for char­ac­ters.


And really, these gifts are just to help you get some lovin’. The best thing you can do to get some lovin’ is to lis­ten, to pay atten­tion, and give lots of hugs. Hugs always work out best. Please com­ment below on how suc­cess­ful (or unsuc­cess­ful) these sug­ges­tions were! 

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9 Feb


I don’t know whose idea it was to have these two books release on the SAME DAY, but it’s hap­pen­ing, guys.

Today is the release of both: Glass Sword, the sec­ond book in the Red Queen series by Vic­to­ria Ave­yard AND Morn­ing Star, the third book in the Red Ris­ing series by Pierce Brown. WHICH ONE TO READ FIRST???

If you haven’t heard about these series, you might want to get on that. Both series are pretty rad. And now the Red Ris­ing Tril­ogy is com­plete, so there’s that!! No wait­ing for the next book required.

Today is con­ve­niently also Read in the Bath­tub day.…. soooooo you could cel­e­brate with a nice hot bath and just read both wham-bam. That’s our sug­ges­tion.

5 Feb

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies THE MOVIE

pride-prejudice-zombies-poster-2016Today is a pres­ti­gious day in the uni­verse! Today the long-awaited film, Pride and Prej­u­dice and Zom­bies hits the big screen!!!!!!
Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exag­ger­a­tion. I actu­ally only know one per­son who is eagerly await­ing this par­tic­u­lar movie. But I swear, she’s excited enough for like 3  peo­ple, so there’s that.

If you’re won­der­ing what the hack I’m talk­ing about, well let me catch you up on the new lit­er­ary move­ment: adding mon­sters to clas­sic sto­ries! Seth Grahame-Smith has ‘upgraded’ a num­ber of clas­sic tales by adding vam­pires or sea mon­sters. The story of Abra­ham Lin­coln (he fights Vam­pires, now), for instance. The gospel of Luke(The Wise men are actu­ally mur­der­ous thieves appar­ently?)!   .… and Pride and Prej­u­dice (And Zom­bies!)
So in honor of the movie being released today, I went ahead and asked my friend who is super excited about this movie just why exactly she is super excited. Because I feel like we all really need to know.

This is Sara. She really likes hand san­i­tizer.

My friend and room­mate is Sara. No ‘h’. This is an impor­tant dis­tinc­tion for Sara(h)s.
She loves Jane Austen and so does her mom, and she’s def­i­nitely plan­ning on mak­ing her mom go to the movie with her. Here’s what she has to say about Pride and Prej­u­dice and Zom­bies:

So, you’ve read the book, right? Can you tell us what about it you like?

I have actu­ally not read the Pride and Prej­u­dice and Zom­bies book itself.   I’m a huge fan of the orig­i­nal work though, and I really like any­thing that keeps it in people’s minds.  I feel like this refreshes and revi­tal­izes the work and so peo­ple care about it ‚which keeps it rel­e­vant.  As for the orig­i­nal book, I love it because of the char­ac­ters.  Peo­ple talk about the brood­ing Mr. Darcy and com­plain that he’s  how we end up with char­ac­ters like Edward Cullen.  But what peo­ple miss is that Darcy doesn’t find hap­pi­ness until he lets that go.  Jane Austen’s char­ac­ters usu­ally have some­thing to learn before they can find hap­pi­ness, and Darcy and Eliz­a­beth Ben­net are no excep­tion.
So how do you feel about the fact that the guy who’s play­ing Mr. Darcy in this par­tic­u­lar ren­di­tion looks like a whiney, wet sock?

Matt Smith <3

I usu­ally pre­fer to avoid too much hype about things I’m already going to watch, so I hadn’t been pay­ing any atten­tion to the cast­ing. Then I found out that Matt Smith (the 11th Doc­tor from Doc­tor Who) was in it and I was like, well clearly he’s going to be Mr. Darcy and that’s going to be really inter­est­ing. THEN I found out that he’s Mr. Collins??? Who is SUPPOSED to be a wet sock. Why would you get the DOCTOR and then cast him as not a major char­ac­ter, and an inten­tion­ally unlike­able one at that! And you know what wor­ries me much more? The actual Mr. Darcy actor has got like maybe a dozen cred­its on his IMDB page.
So I’m not feel­ing too great about it! But hope­fully we’ll all be proved wrong and he’ll be amaz­ing.

Haha I sure hope so. Matt Smith is a pretty amaz­ing actor, so he’ll prob­a­bly steal the show. Okay. Final ques­tion! Which the­ater snack will you be enjoy­ing dur­ing this very strange Zom­bie movie? 
Well pop­corn obvi­ously, and then prob­a­bly cookie dough bites! A friend intro­duced me to them and now I totally love them. I’ll also def­i­nitely be sneak­ing my own water bot­tle in because they only sell water in hilar­i­ously huge bot­tles.
Thanks Sara! I sure hope the movie is a fun watch!
Want to read the book before you head to the the­aters? We def­i­nitely have it, and most of Mr. Grahame-Smith’s other books as well. 
2 Feb

Gifts for your Favorite Librarian

Feb­ru­ary is Library Lovers month! I’m pretty sure that there is no one who loves your library more than your local librar­ian, so we thought we’d list a few great ideas of ways to say thank you to your favorite Librar­ian. <3

As a kid, I was mes­mer­ized by the enor­mity of my local library and how the store was rou­tinely stocked with all of my favorite books. My librar­ian as a child was a sweet, elderly woman named Nancy.  Every time I would enter the library, she would greet me with freshly made cook­ies and a rec­om­mended new book. She intro­duced me to the book that would later mold my career aspi­ra­tions. By encour­ag­ing me to search for com­fort in books, Nancy inspired me to read with an open mind and think crit­i­cally.

Jobs as a librar­ian are very reward­ing. Librar­i­ans encour­age all indi­vid­u­als, regard­less of social and eco­nomic back­ground, to embrace their book­worm qual­i­ties. In some ways, libraries serve as the gen­eral people’s uni­ver­sity while librar­i­ans act as the pro­fes­sors. Plus, it must be nice as a librar­ian to have first dibs on hot titles and early released books.

As perusers of libraries, we con­stantly ask for rec­om­men­da­tions and assis­tance in the quest to find our books. Why not give back by pur­chas­ing a fab­u­lous present for your favorite librar­ian? Even your librar­ian needs some lov­ing in Feb­ru­ary.  Here’s a list of our top five favorite gifts.




Book Lover’s 2016 Cal­en­dar

This jam-packed page-a-day cal­en­dar is filled with hun­dreds of book rec­om­men­da­tions.  The cal­en­dar also includes fas­ci­nat­ing quotes and trivia. Book rec­om­men­da­tions are bal­anced between gen­res from clas­sic love sto­ries to his­tory dra­mas.  Your librarian’s read­ing list will def­i­nitely lengthen with this great gift. Plus, all cal­en­dars are cur­rently 50% off!






bookmarkWhile librar­i­ans have an incred­i­ble job, it can be fast-paced. Los­ing their place in their cur­rent read­ing mate­r­ial would be the last thing they want to hap­pen in the leisure time. Why don’t you make sure your favorite librar­ian never loses their place ever again by gift­ing a pre­cious book­mark?  Our col­lec­tion of book­marks is cute and hip.  Each book­mark includes a unique phrase proudly announc­ing the reader’s love of read­ing. My per­sonal favorite is the “My work­out is read­ing in bed until my arms hurt” book­mark.

Re-Used Book Jour­nals

Here at our store, we have a large col­lec­tion of price­less re-used book jour­nals. The jour­nals are fash­ioned from the cov­ers of old books.  These cov­ers range from clas­sics like “The World of Mice” to books from the Nancy Drew series. Now your librar­ian can write her thoughts in style with these unique jour­nals.  Who said some­thing old could not be some­thing fab­u­lous?




mugLit­er­a­ture Mugs

In this cold weather, try to give your librar­ian a way to sip her pre­ferred hot bev­er­age.  Search our mug sec­tion for stand-outs like our Mark Twain inspired mug and Jane Austen inspired mug.  Maybe try some­thing comedic like our Mr. Rogers Sweater Chang­ing mug?  Your librar­ian will be thank­ful once the weather hits the sub­zero tem­per­a­tures.


With Valentine’s Day creep­ing around the cor­ner, what’s a bet­ter gift than a book inspired necklace/earrings?  Our Voz jew­elry col­lec­tion is the per­fect fit for any book­worm.  With selec­tion from the dark Edgar Allen Poe to the cheer­ful Win­nie the Pooh, your librar­ian can be acces­sorized with flairs of clev­er­ness and style.

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1 Feb

February 2016 Calendar of Events

February Events 2016-4

Wel­come Feb­ru­ary! Thank good­ness Jan­u­ary is OVER! Jan 2016 was def­i­nitely a bit choppy there for a bit. But time keeps mov­ing, and it a new month full of new things! Excit­ing things! Keep read­ing to hear about the hot stuff hap­pen­ing in the cold of Feb­ru­ary.


This month is Library Lovers Month, National Con­doms Month and Mar­i­juana Aware­ness Month! You can prob­a­bly cel­e­brate those all at once… just say­ing.



On Feb­ru­ary 2, Punx­sutawney Phil has his say for Ground­hog Day. On the 5th, get your freak on for Work­ing Naked Day! It’s prob­a­bly best to get per­mis­sion first though. The 5th is also Bub­ble Gum Day and the release of the MUCH ANTICIPATED(here, at least) Pride and Prej­u­dice and Zom­bies in the­aters!! Buy your tick­ets now, kids!

Cel­e­brate on the 6th with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s! It’s Ice Cream For Break­fast Day! It’s also a great day to visit I Made It! Mar­ket in the Water­front! They’ll be sell­ing so many hand-made good­ies. You just have to stop by and see!

Birth­days this week: Ayn Rand and James Joyce (Feb­ru­ary 2), George Romero (Feb­ru­ary 4), and Arthur Weasley (Feb­ru­ary 6).


I’m sure every­one has already put the Super Bowl in their cal­en­dars, but just incase you need the reminder, it’s on the 7th! The 8th is Opera Day, so make sure to save your vocals! The 9th is Mardi Grass and Read in the Bath­tub Day. You might want to choose between the two, because eat­ing mas­sive amounts of pan­cakes and drink­ing all the booze will prob­a­bly make it really hard to read in the tub. The 9th is also the release day for Morn­ing Star by Pierce Brown AND Glass Sword by Vic­to­ria Ave­yard!!  We are so ready to con­tinue the Red Ris­ing and Red Queen Series, JUST LET US TELL YOUOMG.

On the 12th, we would cel­e­brate Dar­win Day, but we will be super busy SEEING DEADPOOL IN THEATERS.

Birth­days this week: Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dick­ens (Feb­ru­ary 7), Seth Green and John Williams (Feb­ru­ary 8), and Judy Blume and Charles Dar­win (Feb­ru­ary 12).



Are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY????



Of course, we all know that the 14th is Valentine’s Day. But did you know that it is also Fer­ris Wheel Day? Fol­lowed, on the 15th, by National Gum­drop Day and the West­min­ster Dog Show on the 15th and 16th!

Birth­days this week: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Feb­ru­ary 17), and Bruce Wayne (Feb­ru­ary 19).



Heart­break of all heart­break, Alan Rick­man would have turned 70 on the 21st. How­ever, you can dis­tract your­self from that pain by get­ting tick­ets to the Steel City Roller Derby Game on the 21st. It’s the Allegheny Avengers vs. the Mon Mon­sters! It’s also BOOK CLUB! Join us to talk about T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. <3

The 22nd is National Mar­garita Day! It’s a NATIONAL hol­i­day, so you should prob­a­bly cel­e­brate. On the 23rd, we cel­e­brate the ancient art of throw­ing stones with Curl­ing is Cool Day, as well as the release of A Gath­er­ing of Shad­ows by V.E. Schwab!

National Chili Day is on the 26th. The 26th is also the first day of Texas Cow­boy Poetry Days, but more impor­tantly, it’s day one of Pitts­burgh Win­ter Beer­fest! Beer­fest closes out on the 27th, which is also, con­ve­niently, Open That Bot­tle Night.

Birth­days this week: Alan Rick­man (Feb­ru­ary 21), and Edward Gorey (Feb­ru­ary 22).


Start off the week by watch­ing the 2016 Oscars on the 28th! This week also has a BONUS ROUND day, because Leap Day is on the 29th!

Birth­days this week: Super­man (Feb­ru­ary 29)


27 Jan

Drunken Cookbook: Big Lebowski Sundae


These books are super cute.

Wel­come to the Jan­u­ary edi­tion of Cook­ing With Kards!

Appar­ently I didn’t get enough deserts over the hol­i­day sea­son, because this month I decided it would be a good idea to test run a desert item I found in the Drunken Cook­book!

If you’ve never seen the Drunken Cook­book or it’s com­pan­ion, the Hun­gover Cook­book, let me tell you that they are super cute. These are 100% great gift items to get that per­son you know who likes to drink a lot and pre­tends to cook.

Notice I said pre­tends to cook there. So the real deal on these books is this. While they are super wicked cute, fun and well writ­ten, they are not really for cook­ing. I mean, you CAN cook out of them, but they’re really mostly actu­ally for read­ing. They are full of clever drunken word play and wacky illus­tra­tions. Very fun to read. And I mean, like I said, you CAN cook the things, but some of the recipes are com­pli­cated.

To be hon­est, I was too lazy this month to  to want to do any­thing this month, so it basi­cally was like, ‘Welp. We’re skip­ping all of these pages and going right to desert.’ I mean I read some of the recipes, but I was too busy think­ing about ice cream to be open to falling in love with them.

I chose the Big Lebowski Sun­dae! It was cold, and there was booze in it. Did I men­tion that pretty much all of the recipes in the Drunk Cook­book con­tain booze? I feel like that’s an impor­tant fact.

Any­way, the Big Lebowski Sun­dae is basi­cally a sun­dae ver­sion of a white russ­ian. If you couldn’t fig­ure that out, you need to watch the Big Lebowski STAT. seri­ously.


MLP glass set! ^.^

I used a recipe that was for 2 sun­daes and made 3 sun­daes out of it.… because I was using the SUPER CUTE but SUPER SKINNY pony glasses that I just bought at the store the other day. (If you’re won­der­ing what ponies have to do with the Big Lebowski, you should check out the 100th episode of My Lit­tle Pony. The dude makes an appear­ance!)

And, along the same ‘too lazy to do any­thing’ theme, I totally didn’t actu­ally mea­sure any­thing. I can make a white russ­ian in my sleep, so I was like, I’ll just eye­ball this crap.

The ver­dict: mostly yum! The only not yum part for me was the crushed hazel­nuts, but that’s because I hate hazel­nuts. Love hazel­nut fla­vor, but hate the nuts. So.… Aside from that bit, it was a-okay! I mean.… really, it was just a really sweet white russ­ian. The ice cream didn’t last very long. (I prob­a­bly should have actu­ally chilled the glasses, but what can I say. I was IMPATIENT.)


The illus­tra­tions inside!

In case you don’t trust my opin­ion, I made my two room­mates try these things with me. They are both huge Lebowski fans. (Which is why I can make a white russ­ian in my sleep, yo. Some­times you just have to drink white rus­sians all the freak­ing time.) They both like it! And they want me to tell you guys that you just have to stir it up a lot! Which is true. There is like a solid block of con­densed milk in the cup if you don’t stir it. But take the pic­tures BEFORE you stir, because damn, it’s pretty when fresh. all those lay­ers of khalua and milk and ice cream YUM.

So, try it out guys! It’s a great day for a Big Lebowski Sun­dae!

P.S. Remem­ber when I said I was lazy? I was lazy enough that all of the pic­tures I took of the dang ice cream looked like crap. So no pic­tures this month. YOULL JUST HAVE TO MAKE THEM FOR YOURSELF!

Big Lebowski Sun­dae

4 ice cubes
4 tbsp Kahlua
4 tbsp chilled vodka
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 14-oz can con­densed milk
1 tbsp toasted crushed hazel­nuts
2 maraschino cher­ries

Take 2 chilled sun­dae glasses, or any other type of tall glass that you might have at hand, and put the ice cubes, Kahlua, and vodka in them. Care­fully place a scoop of ice cream in each so that it doesn’t fall into the bot­tom of the glass but rests on top of the ice cubes, dis­tinct from the dark Kahlua layer beneath.

Pour in the con­densed milk, almost to the top of each glass. Add another scoop of  ice cream, sprin­kle with the toasted, crushed hazel­nuts, add a tea­spoon of Kahlua for color, and top with a maraschino cherry to gar­nish.

24 Jan

Jewelry Manager on Site for Valentine’s Day shopping!


Val_ Manager on Site

If you need help pick­ing out some­thing shiny for your loved one, we’re here to help! Specif­i­cally, our Jew­elry Man­ager is here to help dur­ing the times above! Stop by and ask for Athena and she’ll work with you per­son­ally to make sure you choose a great gift for Valentine’s day!