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September Events and Holidays

September 2016

Oh my good­ness, can you feel the air start­ing to crisp up and crackle with leaves? SEPTEMBER WEVE MISSED YOU!

We have so many lovely things hap­pen­ing this month! For instance, Sep­tem­ber is Bour­bon Her­itage Month and Library Card Sign-Up Month! Hol­i­days this month also include Be Late For Some­thing Day (Sep 5), Roald Dahl Day (Sep 13),  Tolkien Week (Sep 19 — 25) and Banned Books Week (Sep 25 — Oct 1)!! Birth­days this month include Agatha Christie (Sep 15), Hermione Granger (Sep 19), and Scott Pil­grim (Sep 27). But seri­ously, that’s just the tip­pity top of the ice cream cone. Keep read­ing for EVEN MORE!


This month is appar­ently the month to cel­e­brate a LOT of things. It is: Bour­bon Her­itage MonthChildren’s Good Man­ners MonthLibrary Card Sign-up MonthNational Honey MonthShame­less Pro­mo­tion Month and Plea­sure Your Mate Month. Sooooooo you’ve got your work cut out for you in Sep­tem­ber! Gotta cel­e­brate them all!



OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE SOOooO EXCITED to tell you that THIS WEEK IS Inter­na­tional Enthu­si­asm Week (Sep 1–7)!!!!! WE LOVE THIS WEEK.

I mean, hon­estly,  WE ARE actu­ally really excited AND enthu­si­as­tic, but it’s mostly about the Scot­tish High­land Gath­er­ing and Games! Once a year you can drive like an hour or so out­side of Pitts­burgh and pre­tend that you’re actu­ally in Scot­land. The whole of Idlewild park becomes bursts at the seams with a huge vari­ety of scot­tish pup­pies, men in kilts, belt­ing bag­pipes and big burly peo­ple throw­ing giant logs. There is NOTHING BETTER to do with your week­end this week­end. Seri­ously. Go be Scot­tish for a day. You will have no regrets.

Oh. Also, Sep­tem­ber 3rd is Sky­scraper Day.


Start your week off right by being a total slacker and feel­ing good about it! It’s Be Late For Some­thing Day (Sept 5). Per­son­ally, I think maybe I should be on time for some­thing to cel­e­brate being late for some­thing lit­er­ally every day of the year.

Next up is Salami Day (Sep 7)! And on the 8th, every­one should cel­e­brate the 1966 pre­miere of STAR TREK!! What a day! What a thing! Mod­ern soci­ety thanks you Star Trek, for fight­ing the moral fight. (Except for new Start Trek Movies. They don’t get any thanks for that. )

On the 10th is the all impor­tant Swap Ideas Day! Seri­ously, with­out swap­ping ideas, we would have gone nowhere as a soci­ety or some­thing.

Birth­days this week include:
Jack Daniels and Werner Her­zog (both Sep 5) and Leo Tol­stoy (Sep 9).


This week, be sure to set aside some time to read your favorite Roald Dahl book!  Roald Dahl Day is Sep­tem­ber 13. This week­end, head over to Drink A Beer­fest on Sep 16–17!! And then, on the 18th, it’s Hug A Greet­ing Card Writer Day. We know some of those!

Birth­days this week include:
Bella Swan (Sep 13), Sophie Dahl, Mont­gomery Burns, and Agatha Christie (all Sep 15), and H.A. Rey (Sep 16).


This week is the cel­e­bra­tion of two of our favorite things! It’s Tolkien Week and National Dog Week (Sep 19–25)! Stop in the store with your puppy to lis­ten to the won­der­ful sound of  Lord of the Rings like things waft from our speak­ers.

Yo ho, my hearties, the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day! And the Autumn Equinox is on the 22nd. That’s the also the first day of Fall, for you land­lub­bers out there.

Make sure that you stop by the store to check out our shiny jour­nal sec­tions! Why? Well, it’s Dear Diary Day (Sep 22). It’s also Hob­bit Day (also Sep 22) and we all know that the best hob­bits kept jour­nals.


Next up is Cel­e­brate Bisex­u­al­ity Day (Sep 23).

Cel­e­brate Punc­tu­a­tion Day (Sep 24) with one of this awe­some video! And here’s one for National One Hit Won­der Day (Sep 25).

Birth­days this week include:
William Gold­ingHermione Granger and Arthur Rack­ham (all Sep 19), George R.R. Mar­tin and Mal­colm Reynolds (Sep 20), Bill Mur­rayStephen King and H.G. Wells (all Sep 21), Frodo Bag­gins and Bilbo Bag­gins (both Sep 22), Arthur Guin­ness,  Jim Hen­son and F. Scott Fitzger­ald (all Sep 24), and Mark Hamill and Shel Sil­ver­stein (both Sep 25).


This week is Banned Books Week!!! Did you know that some of the sil­li­est books have been banned? Like for instance, Where’s Waldo. That’s a banned book. Yes. Peo­ple are crazy. We love banned book week here at Kards Unlim­ited. Come talk to us about your favorite banned book, and we can com­mis­er­ate together on why peo­ple are so silly.

Also this week is Love Note Day (Sep 26), Ask A Stu­pid Ques­tion Day (Sep 28), National Cof­fee Day (Sep 29) and Blas­phemy Day (Sep 30).

Have you guys read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Pecu­liar Chil­dren?? It’s a pretty darn good book, and the movie comes out on the 30th!


Birth­days this week include:
Johnny Apple­seed (Sep 26), T.S. Eliot and Scott Pil­grim (both Sep 27), and Tru­man Capote (Sep 30).

1 Aug

August 2016 Events and Holidays

August 2016The heat of sum­mer has ARRIVED! We are all about our air con­di­tion­ing, so feel free to stop by for some cool air and a few laughs. August is Admit You’re Happy Month and National Eye Exam Month! Also up this month is Spider-Man Day (Aug 1), Root­beer Float Day (Aug 6), Inter­na­tional Beer Day (Aug 7), Bad Poetry Day (Aug 18) and National Waf­fle Day (Aug 24)! Birth­days this month include Andy Warhol (Aug 6), Lois Lane (Aug 17), Mr. Snuf­fle­u­pa­gus (Aug 19) and Pee Wee Her­man (Aug 27)! Book Club will be meet­ing on August 28th at 6 PM to talk about Dou­glas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide the the Galaxy! For EVEN MORE hol­i­days and birth­days, keep read­ing!


This month is Admit You’re Happy Month! Stop mak­ing your­self all grumpy and stuff about life, and JUST LIVE IT! I hear that a great way to remem­ber how happy you are is to go to your local card shop and spend an hour laugh­ing your butt off at all the super inap­pro­pri­ate cards! (Srsly tho, we love the sounds of laugh­ter here at KU) It’s also National Eye Exam Month so make sure you get your eyes all checked out.


No one likes squint­ing. It gives you lines. On your face.

This week is Inter­na­tional Clown Week (Aug 1–7)! Get out your red noses and faceprint and STRIKE TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF ALL.

Also this week is National Ice Cream Sand­wich Day (Aug 2), the day that Dom Perignon invented cham­pagne (Aug 4), and National Mus­tard Day (Aug 5).

Who’s hit­ting the the­aters to see Sui­cide Squad on open­ing night?? It’s in the­aters on the 5th!

The week­end holds all kinds of great­ness: Root Beer Float Day (Aug 6), and Inter­na­tional Beer Day (Aug 7)! Also this week­end is the Hor­ror Fan Craft Fair & Flea (Aug 6), and that is really the ONLY way to spend your week­end. High five to the peo­ple who are run­ning that thing, because WHAT A GOOD IDEA.

Birth­days this week include:
The JokerHer­man Melville and Kevin Smith (all Aug 1), Neil Arm­strong (Aug 5), Andy Warhol and Piers Anthony (Aug 6), and Sid­ney Crosby (Aug 7).


This week is National Farmer’s Mar­ket Week (Aug 7–13), so make sure you hit up all your fave mar­kets!! There’s one in Shadyside now! Did you know?? NOW YOU KNOW!


We have a card for that. This is the card for that.

Next up is my per­sonal favorite, Sneak Some Zuc­chini onto your neighbor’s porch Night (Aug 8)!!!! I wish you all the best sneak­ing! Then there’s Book Lover’s Day (Aug 9), National Duran Duran Appre­ci­a­tion Day  and S’Mores Day (both Aug 10), and Vinyl Record Day (Aug 12).

Also on the 12th, Sausage Party hits the­aters.  If you haven’t seen the trailer for Sausage Party yet, do it now. Don’t be deceived though. This is NOT a kids movie. It’s from the mak­ers of Super­bad. So. You know. Not for kids.

If you’re not into movies, it’s okay! You can always hit up the Blue­grass Fes­ti­val on August 13th!

Birth­days this week include:
Ginny Weasley (Aug 11), William Gold­man (Aug 12), Alfred Hitch­cock (Aug 13) and Steve Mar­tin (Aug 14).

It’s Weird Con­test Week (Aug 13–17)!!! We’re work­ing on con­coct­ing some epic con­test here at KU, so make sure you check back to see how you can win some silly prizes!

Relax­ation Day  is on the 15th, so stop by to get some sooth­ing shower bursts or some­thing. TREAT YO’ SELF.

dogNext up is Bad Poetry Day (Aug 18), Lit­tle Italy Days in Bloom­field (Aug 18–21) and the start of Bike­Fest (Aug 19–28)

Birth­days this week include:
Lois Lane (Aug 17), Gene Rod­den­berry, Ogden Nash and Mr. Snuf­fle­u­pa­gus (All Aug 19), H.P. Love­craft (Aug 20) and Christo­pher Robin Milne (Aug 21)

Okay, so this week starts a lit­tle rough: Pluto Demoted Day and Vesu­vius Day share the 24th. But it is all okay because that same day is also National Waf­fle Day. So you can totally drown your sor­rows in syrup. That’s a legit thing to do.
The week ends with FREEDOM! It’s Go Top­less Day (Aug 28)! #FreeTheNip­ple


Birth­days this week include: 
Ray Brad­bury and Dorothy Parker (both Aug 22), Gene Kelly (Aug 23), Tim Bur­ton and Sean Con­nery (both Aug 25), and Pee Wee Her­man and Ira Levin (both Aug 27)


There’s a cou­ple more days left, so don’t give up yet! You can have two more par­ties at LEAST! Cel­e­brate More Herbs, Less Salt Day (Aug 29) with some killer herba­ceous recipes and fol­low it up with some S’MORES for Toasted Marsh­mal­low Day (Aug 30)

That’s it! That’s all we’ve got! We sure hope this August is your BEST AUGUST YET!

28 Jul

Top Ten Gifts for people who can’t get enough Harry Potter

20 Jul

Book Club Wrap-Up: The Secret History

Thank you to every­one who came out to talk about The Secret His­tory on Sun­day! Gen­eral con­sen­sus was that this book was SO worth the read. We had a lively dis­cus­sion about human nature, for sure.

Next up, we’ll be read­ing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!!! Start read­ing now and join us on Aug 28th at 6pm to dis­cuss this seri­ously one of a kind book. <3

Don’t for­get to log your books for #KUBook­Bingo!! Remem­ber, the more you read this sum­mer, the more likely it is that you’ll be our BIG WINNER!!!

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16 Jul

Even More Summer Reading Lists!

Summer Reading

We’ve given you a LOT of lists this week, but if you STILL aren’t sure about what you should be read­ing this sum­mer, HERE ARE SOME MORE! These are lists we’ve used in past sum­mers, but they are still just as hot as they were when they were posted the first time!
Read on, Read­ers! 

15 Jul

Jessi’s Summer Reading picks!


Jessi is the Queen of Geek Cul­ture and Board Games. That is her offi­cial title. Her other titles include “Boss Lady”, “Duchess of Kards” and “Jedi Princess”. Every­thing you want to know about good Sci­ence Fic­tion can prob­a­bly be answered by Jessi. Also, she will kick your ass HARD in any game of any kind prob­a­bly. Just say­ing.
Here are Jessi’s Sum­mer Read­ing sug­ges­tions!















14 Jul

J.D.‘s Summer Reading Picks!


So you like graphic nov­els? Well. You’ve come to the right place. J.D. is now KU’s unof­fi­cial Graphic Novel wiz­ard. Why? Well, he’s read a lot of them. And he has opin­ions. And from we can tell so far, his opin­ions are pretty good qual­ity!
J.D. has some reg­u­lar books sug­ges­tions as well. Check ‘em out!