30 Jun

July 2016 Events and Holidays

july 2016

Wel­come to JULY peo­ple! It’s get­ting hot in here! If you’re look­ing for some­thing to do between all the yard sales and bar­be­cues, we’ve got some ideas! For instance, July is not just National Grilling, Hot Dog and Ice Cream Month, it’s also Inde­pen­dent Retail­ers Month! Hey, that’s us! Also up this month is I For­got Day (July 2), Inter­na­tional Kiss­ing Day (July 6),  National French Fries Day (July 13) and National Tequila Day (July 24)! Birth­days this month include Robert Hein­lein(July 7), Hunter S. Thomp­son (July 18), Harry Pot­ter and J.K. Rowl­ing (both July 31). Speak­ing of Harry and Rowl­ing, The Cursed Child hits our shelves at 12:01 AM on July 31ST! If you pre-order soon, you can still join us for our Mid­night Release Party! (Co hosted with Cof­fee Tree, because they are great peo­ple!!) For more infor­ma­tion or more hol­i­days, keep read­ing!


July is the month of many things, includ­ing AC Appre­ci­a­tion Days, National Dog House Repairs Month, National Grilling Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Hot Dog Month, and National Inde­pen­dent Retail­ers Month!! Start the party!


Okay, so there’s a few extra days in this “week” but why are you even count­ing? First up this month is Canada Day (July 1)! It’s the same day that the movie ver­sion of The BFG hits the the­aters!!! Next up is I For­got Day and World UFO Day which are very con­ve­niently on the same day so that you can for­get about the UFOs. (both July 2)

Get the grills out for Inde­pen­dence Day! But make sure to include some veg­e­tar­ian options, since it is also Inde­pen­dence From Meat Day (Both July 4). Seri­ously, who thought that one up? Not eat meat on one of the biggest grilling days of the year. YEAH RIGHT. *ahem* I mean. Go you! You do that awe­some meat free thing!!

Make sure you load up on sun­screen for Bikini Day (July 5)! All bod­ies are Bikini Bod­ies. But they don’t all have to be crispy lob­ster bod­ies. Only YOU can pre­vent skin fires.

Inter­na­tional Kiss­ing Day and Take Your Web­mas­ter to Lunch Day share the box on the cal­en­dar (both July 6), so you might as well multi-task and make that a hot lunch date, yo.

Birth­days this week include:
Indi­ana Jones (July 1), Franz Kafka (July 3), Robert Hein­lein  and Dr. Wat­son (both July 7).


It’s time for the CUTEST HOLIDAY EVER: Teddy Bears Pic­nic Day (July 10)! And then there’s National French Fries Day (July 13) or you know, ‘MURICA FRIES DAY if you’re so inclined. It’s also Inter­na­tional Town Criers Day (also on July 13) and I hon­estly can’t tell you why that’s still a thing any­more. I vote we all just spend the day watch­ing John Stew­ard and John Oliver hash out the news.

St. Swithin’s Day is July 15th, and then National Ven­tril­o­quism Week is from July 13th-16th. That’s not a whole week, we know, but I guess July is also TIME DOESN’T MATTER month. Oh. also. Who is super excited about the new Ghost­buster Movie???? It hits the the­aters on the 15th!

Birth­days this week include:
E.B. White (July 11), Henry David Thoreau (July 12), and Patrick Stewart/Jean-Luc Picard (both July 13).

This week is National Zookeeper Week (July 17–23), so make sure you go say hi to all those lovely peo­ple who decided to get paid to hang out with adorable and some­times scary ani­mals. And also some­times pick up poop. In fact, July 17th is National Ice Cream Day, so go say hi on the 17th and then hit up Allegheny Ice Cream right out­side the Zoo. Their hot­dogs are AMAZING. (It’s also National Hot Dog Month, remem­ber??? DO IT ALL!)

Next up is National Lol­lipop Day (July 20) and then on the 22nd, it’s Casual Pi Day, Rat Catcher’s Day AND ALSO Star Trek Beyond hits the the­aters. Oh and then it’s National Hot Dog Day (July 23) so maybe go have some more hot dogs. again. NO REGRETS.

Birth­days this month include:
Hunter S. Thomp­son (July 18), Cor­mac McCarthy (July 20), Ernest Hem­ing­way (July 21), and Daniel Rad­cliffe (July 23).



This week starts strong with National Tequila Day (July 24) and we have just the recipe for you! Check out Kards Unlim­it­eds’ Killer Tequila San­gria to get the party started HOOOOOO. The next day is Merry Go Round Day (July 25) so make sure you get all that tequila out of your sys­tem or it could  be a nasty ride. Next up is Bar­bie in a Blender Day (What. the. what.) and Walk on Stilts Day (both July 27).

On July 30th we’re hav­ing our MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY for Harry Pot­ter and the Cursed Child!! If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, call us ASAP! The book will be dis­trib­uted at 12:01 AM on July 31st! Haven’t heard about the Mid­night Release Party yet? Here’s some infor­ma­tion for you!

Birth­days this week include:
Alexan­dre Dumas (July 24), Beat­rix Pot­ter (July 28), Neville Long­bot­tom (July 30), and Harry Pot­ter and J.K. Rowl­ing (both 31).

7 Jun

In honor of Prince’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to Prince!

Today (June 7th, 2016) Prince would have been 58.
Many of us KU employ­ees regarded Prince as a Hero. He helped us be com­fort­able in our crazy weird skins, and showed us that we didn’t have to fit into the boxes of nor­malcy to be accepted and adored. So today, we remem­ber Prince and his pretty rad legacy.

Rock Hard in the Stars, Prince!

6 Jun

Gift Ideas for Dad!

Father’s Day is coming up! Stop by the store to get your Father’s Day Card and Gift! We have some great options and ideas. Check out some of our ideas here!

3 Jun

PRIDE Month at Kards Unlimited!

Pride Header

June is PRIDE Month! And we just want to let you know that we’ll be celebrating it ALL MONTH LONG.

Here at Kards, we love and sup­port (some of us even are part of) the LGBTQIA com­mu­nity! You are ALWAYS wel­come here! In fact we would be sad and lonely with­out you!

Stop in the store to check out our PRIDE wall, some­thing we’ve been doing dur­ing June for a num­ber a years! We invite all our cus­tomers to tell us what makes them LOUD and PROUD! <3

Happy PRIDE! We sure hope your month is full of love and joy so that you can renew your­self to keep fight­ing for JUSTICE FOR ALL!


1 Jun

June 2016

June 2016


Welcome to June lovely readers! We have a good amount of holidays for you this month. This month is also EXPLODING with Birthdays!!! Cake! Every! Day! It’s a life goal for some of us.

Here’s a taste of June:  This month we’re cel­e­brat­ing PRIDE all month long! We’re also excited about National Go Bare­foot Day (June 1), Dough­nut Day (June 3), Blooms­day (June 16), Take Your Dog To Work Day and Inter­na­tional Fairy Day (both June 24)! Birth­days this month include Oscar the Grouch (June 1), Prince (June 7), Marty McFly (June 12) and Cap­tain Kan­ga­roo(June 27)!  For an even more in-depth list of all the fun stuff hap­pen­ing this month, keep read­ing!!!

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31 May

New book from Neil Gaiman hits the shelves!


Here at KU, we get wickedly excited any time a new book comes into the world from the mind of Neil Gaiman! This time is no dif­fer­ent! While this one is a non-fiction com­pi­la­tion, we’re still head over heels excited! this book will give Neil Gaiman lovers some new and won­der­ful insight into the brain and thoughts of our god.

Stop in the store to pick up your copy! We’ll have it along with all of the other books NG’s ever writ­ten. Which we carry on our shelves at all times. Because all times are good times to read your first Gaiman book, and we are here to help that hap­pen!